19.05.2014 | Compact reach truck from Hubtex

Capacities up to 4000 kg and aisle width equal to standard reach trucks

SQ 40: "The right vehicle at the right time"

FULDA / HANNOVER, 19/5/2014. New flagship model – the SQ 40 in the reach truck core segment of the HUBTEX product range. This is how the company is presenting a new series at CeMAT: the SQ 40 with a basic load bearing capacity von 4 t with a 600 mm centre of gravity. It achieves considerably higher load bearing capacities than conventional reach trucks but with the same working aisle widths.

The requirements for development of the new Hubtex reach truck were customer and market-specific. The machinery and tools to be transported are becoming more and more challenging with regard to the centre of gravity, which has pushed previous reach trucks to their limits. Hubtex therefore began developing the SQ 40 around six months ago. The objective, which has now been accomplished, was to achieve high load bearing capacities in combination with high centres of gravity while maintaining extremely compact dimensions. This convinced a tyre manufacturer, for example, which has its reach truck positioned relatively far away from the point where the tools – in this case, metal grids for creating tyre profiles – are used.

During development of the truck, Hubtex performed a difficult balancing act: the company included individual special applications, but also ensured that a broad range of applications – heavy-duty operations in material and tool handling within a confined space – were covered by the SQ 40. This new development makes it possible to create customer-optimised synergies in the areas of development and production/procurement.

With regard to performance, ergonomics, occupational safety and, above all, compactness, the new Hubtex reach truck sets the benchmark and is therefore among the most advanced on the market. The modern design offers the driver good visibility, and the truck is operated with a tap of the finger. "For us, the SQ 40 is the right vehicle at the right time," says Sales Manager for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lars Beuel. "It means we can now respond positively to requests that we would previously have had to turn down." Due to the increased demand in this market segment, Hubtex is expecting above-average market penetration and therefore optimal customer satisfaction from the SQ 40.