19.05.2014 | New 4.5 t universal loader from Hubtex

Der neue Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstaplern als Dreirad: der DQ 45 E für Lasten bis 4,5 t.

More manoeuvrable thanks to advanced steering

FULDA / HANNOVER, 19/5/2014. With the DQ 45 E, Hubtex is presenting its third new development in the low-price segment for three-wheel electric multidirectional sideloaders in less than a year. Following models in the 2.7 t and 3 t load classes, Hubtex has created a truck with a load bearing capacity of 4.5 t. The target market is the volume segment of universal loaders, which has been dominated by diesel and gas drives until now.

The truck, which is around 25 percent more energy efficient than comparable vehicles, is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Hubtex sees a strong argument for the DQ 45 E in the High Performance Steering system (HPS). Unlike the current universal loaders produced by competitors, the Hubtex truck has real multidirectional steering, which means it includes diagonal drive. The larger steering angles of the HPS allow for tighter turning angles and offer the driver more manoeuvrability. The DQ 45 E requires fewer steering movements when loading lorries, which offers the driver benefits in terms of time, efficiency and comfort. Switchover times are around 30 percent faster than with conventional three-wheel vehicles. The new electric drive also provides additional safety at high driving speeds: the series is optionally available with all-wheel drive for steep slopes or uneven ground.

Like the other members of this young family of vehicles, the DQ 45 E offers a design that guarantees the driver maximum all-round visibility and therefore represents an additional safety aspect. Further details (HUBTEX USPs) round off this modern vehicle: quiet pumps, easy service access and low entry height, as the motor is not installed directly below the cabin. The new Hubtex DQ 45 E is particularly suitable for medium-weight loads, as are found in many different forms in the timber, aluminium and uPVC industry.

With the DQ 45 E, the Fulda-based company is continuing the strategy of offering the most varied customer-oriented and high-quality product range in the area of industrial trucks.