17.07.2015 | Applications in the automobile industry

trucks for special requests

The new branch information HUBTEX@Automotive is available for download here.

Across the globe HUBTEX has been a reliable partner to manufactures in the automotive sector for over 30 years. During the last years we could realize a variety of projects in this field, with focus on the following applications: 

  • heavy duty multidirectional sideloaders to transport boards or coils
  • platform transporters for moulding and casting dies
  • die handlers to transport and change dies
  • platform trucks to transport raw material on a coil bed
  • or a towing tractor with gooseneck to transport cargo trailers.

The HUBTEX success in automative industry is based on our well-known modular concept. However, standard applications are more or less a rarity in this field. Most of our customers demand an extemely constant truck reliability while operating heavy loads with special load bearing systems. That is why we are completing our modular design by customer orientated developments.

Together with the customer, HUBTEX develops optimum solutions that meet all requirements resuluting in the maximum possible benefit for all stakeholders.

Thanks to the use of extremely efficient electric drives and leading edge control technology. HUBTEX equipment is environment-friendly, ergonomic and costeffective.