05.02.2016 | HUBTEX trucks in cheese warehouse

Individual customer requirements is standard for HUBTEX

Hubtex Sideloader are known for handling long loads. But there are applications which are not directly connected with HUBTEX trucks. A particular example is the use in a cheese warehouse.

Gouda & Co. are type of cheeses that everyone knows. But it is relatively unknown, that offers Hubtex multidirectional sideloader and special vehicle for intralogistics of cheese making companies. Our customers request high speeds and high reliability of their truck. They need to must be ready for use around the clock.


In addition, the operating conditions make special demands on the vehicle. The truck moves in cold house storage at very high humidity in salty air. Thereby, the multi-way sideloader must have a special protection against corrosion. The implementation of these individual customer requirements is standard for HUBTEX.