26.05.2017 | Energy savings of up to 40 % with lithium-ion forklift batteries from Hubtex

Efficiency and high performance

Hubtex is expanding its portfolio to include high-performance 48 V and 80 V lithium-ion batteries for its entire fleet of vehicles. Clients of the multidirectional sideloader manufacturer will thus now be able to opt for the battery system that best suits their needs. In particular, clients with high vehicle-operation times stand to benefit from a quick return on investment as a result of reduced additional costs and follow-up costs. For example, the use of lithium-ion batteries in Hubtex's FluX and MaxX vehicles helps achieve energy savings of up to 40 % in comparison with conventional lead–acid batteries. In addition, clients are offered in-depth analysis and support in choosing the most economic and efficient solution.

No smartphone or tablet device is today able to get by without the use of a lithium-ion battery. Despite this, lead–acid batteries have up until now frequently been the first choice in the intralogistics sector due to their lower purchase costs. The continuous improvement of lithium-ion batteries and the associated reduction in production costs, however, are now causing industry professionals to have a rethink. An increasing number of companies are now relying on forklifts equipped with this advanced technology for the processing of their in-house logistics tasks. Hubtex conducts a detailed analysis of all logistics processes in order to offer clients the best and most economic solution when choosing a product. The analysis takes into account crucial aspects such as the number of operating hours, work shifts and how frequently the vehicle is used.

Lower additional costs and follow-on costs
The purchase price of lithium-ion batteries is considerably higher than for the widely used lead–acid variants. However, the decision to opt for lithium-ion batteries can pay off quickly due to their lower additional costs and follow-on costs. The energy-saving batteries require next to no maintenance and there is also no need for investments in special storage rooms or battery changeover equipment. In a three-shift operation, for example, three lead–acid batteries had previously been used for vehicles on an alternating basis. Such batteries can now be replaced by one single lithium-ion battery that can be recharged at any time. The battery can be fully recharged within one hour. In addition, electric multidirectional sideloaders from Hubtex using lithium-ion technology impress thanks to their high energy density and smaller battery compartments. A large majority of the forklift trucks also benefit from reduced wear and tear, as the lithium-ion batteries are roughly one-third the weight of a lead–acid battery. Furthermore, the operating principle of lithium-ion batteries is such that they absorb a high level of the energy flows being fed back from the vehicle and subsequently use this energy to secure a longer operating time. All these factors ensure that – in comparison to lead–acid batteries – the capacity of a lithium-ion battery can be reduced by a factor of 1.5, which in turn significantly lowers investment costs. The stable voltage of the lithium-ion batteries also allows for smooth handling of the Hubtex forklifts in a temperature range from -25 °C to +55 °C.

Hubtex also offers in-depth consultation and the possibility of converting existing vehicles to lithium-ion batteries. By retrofitting the vehicles in this way, clients stand to benefit from an economic standpoint in the years ahead.