01.12.2017 | Hubtex takes up stake in Dimos

Hubtex and Dimos sign strategic collaboration deal

Fulda-based Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and Dimos Maschinenbau GmbH are entering into a strategic collaboration. The deal sees Hubtex acquiring a stake in Dimos Maschinenbau GmbH, which is also based in the Petersberg/Fulda area. Through their collaboration, the two leading manufacturers of special-purpose intralogistics vehicles are eyeing valuable synergies in development, production and procurement.

Hubtex and Dimos – both manufacturers of industrial trucks, sideloaders and special equipment for the transportation of long, heavy and bulky goods – will be working together more closely in future. Through the cooperation, the two industrial truck manufacturers are primarily looking to form a powerful alliance of technology leaders and jointly expand their leading market position. “We are delighted to have sealed this new partnership with Dimos Maschinenbau,” explains Hans-Joachim Finger, Managing Director, Sales and Procurement, at Hubtex. “This collaboration ensures that both companies will remain competitive in the long term and creates new development capacities in the Fulda region.” Alfred Schütz, Executive Manager at Dimos Maschinenbau GmbH, adds: “Together, we will continuously build on the technical edge that both companies enjoy. Both sides see huge potential in the development of new standard and tailored solutions. Hubtex is exactly the right partner for this task.”

Dimos and Hubtex, both of which have deep roots in the Fulda region, are aiming to strengthen the industrial hub in the long term through their collaboration. The cooperation gives rise to a powerful alliance of leading international experts in the development and production of multidirectional sideloaders and special-purpose vehicles. Both brands and companies will be maintained despite Hubtex’ investment in Dimos.