04.02.2019 | Rapid transport and changing of heavy tools

Changing of an injection molding tool with a special-purpose vehicle from Hubtex based on the SFB platform transport vehicle.

Hubtex develops client-specific solutions based on its heavy-duty range for the transport and changing of heavy and bulky tools. The special-purpose vehicle manufacturer thus fulfils the major requirements in terms of safety, precision and speed when changing tools.


The injection molding machines and stamping plants that are commonplace in the automotive and aviation industries require a wide range of tools – changing and transporting them are among the most complex tasks when handling heavy loads. In addition to the large weights of up to 50 tonnes, having to deal with the high load centres of the tools represents a particular challenge. Many users therefore rely on Hubtex's mobile and flexible multidirectional tool changer. The heavy-duty transport systems are designed to accommodate various docking situations, for instance at production plants, pre-heating stations and storage locations. The special-purpose vehicles are able to offset potential height differences through a mechanical levelling function. The vehicle is usually controlled either remotely or via a driver's platform.




Absolute precision


The tool changing process is almost fully automated thanks to a purely electronic control system. It is also highly efficient, thus ensuring a significant reduction in energy consumption. Once the transport system has positioned and aligned itself in front of the machine with millimetre precision, it connects with the machine via locking pins. The tools are then shifted with the aid of a push/pull chain system. Subsequent transport to the warehouse or tool factory can also be automated if required. Furthermore, a special in-built sensor ensures the necessary precision for positioning and aligning the vehicles as well as for changing the tools.




Countless applications for platform trucks


The platform transport vehicles can be adjusted for numerous other applications and requirements thanks to their modular design. This includes the transport of welding robots, machine parts, casts, steel beams and coils.