Diesel / Gas Fourway Sideloader


The HUBTEX DQ Series is a very robust and compact fourway sideloader developed for indoor and outdoor use which can also be used on semi-solid ground. The industrial trucks of this series are available with diesel or gas engine in the load capacity up to 10 t. The 3-wheel hydrostatically driven sideloader is an all-purpose vehicle which can be used for the transport of long loads in narrow aisles or as conventional frontloader for pallet and block stacking.

  • load bearing capacity up to 10 t
  • three in one:
    • frontloader
    • sideloader
    • fourway sideloader
  • hydrostatic all wheel drive with separately activated differential lock for poor ground or floor conditions, even for slippery surfaces like ice and snow
  • fourway steering for optimal handling and efficient use of yard space
  • powerful diesel or gas engine