Rail-Mounted Truck GWB

The rail-mounted trucks made by HUBTEX are tailor-made to suit individual customer wishes and requirements. Well-proven standard components are used in the driving mechanisms and the control technology. The rail-mounted truck is exclusively designed for  in-plant transport.

  • load capacities up to 150t
  • load and/or towing vehicle
  • indoor and outdoor application
  • battery-powered, electric powered or without driving mechanism
  • rugged running wheels
  • cable remote control
  • maintenance-free AC drive technology
  • robust design
  • individual frame design, depending on the transport task


  • radio remote control
  • cabin or driver's station
  • lighting / LED side lighting
  • loading platform according to customer specification
  • safety devices according to customer specification
  • driverless transport system
  • hydraulic lifting device
  • further options available upon request