VQ Order Picking Systems


The model VQ can be used as a classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for placing complete packs in storage, and  with vacuum suction device for picking single sheets upto 120Kg. . With the HUBTEX VQ, individual sheets are vacuum lifted of the rack location and placed onto the fork tines of the fork-lift truck until the order picking operation is finished. Afterwards the order-picked goods can be loaded directly by the fork-lift truck onto a lorry for onward shipment.

Handling of glass, individual sheets up to 40 mm thick or whole glass packs up to 8000 mm long and up to 3600 mm high and with a pack thickness of up to 400 mm can be transported. 
Operation and use: One-man operation for warehousing and order picking of non-porous panels made of different materials and glass sheets which can be lifted using the vacuum cups

Load capacity range:
3,000 to 20,000 kg

Lifting height:
up to 7500 mm

Aisle width:
Load depth or cantilever arm length plus 1600 mm (if guided: with 100 mm safety clearance per side)
Order picking ratings:
ca. 70 sheets/hour
ca. 420 sheets/day
ca. 2,100 sheets/week
ca. 8,400 sheets/month

On average 27 sheets are taken into consideration for one order-picking operation. Approximately 2 hours per day are taken into consideration for refilling the racks.