Model M 30, M 60

(1-man version),
load capacity 3,000 kg/6,000 kg

for glass pack length
up to 3,600 mm, glass pack height
up to 3,400 mm and glass pack thickness
from 40 to 400 mm

Model M 150

(1-man version),
load capacity 15,000 kg

for glass pack length
up to 8,000 mm, glass pack height
up to 3,600 mm and glass pack thickness
from 40 to 400 mm

The suction cup rows of the integrated vacuum attachment for the handling of single glass sheets can be operated separately or jointly out of the contour of the glass frame. Additionally, the suction system circuit can be individually activated. Thus, the safe removal of broken glass is possible.

Two additional lateral operator panels – each located at the leading side of the truck – for enhanced visibility in direction of motion and better positioning of the lateral claws.

Lateral retaining claws ensure the safe transport of oversized glass sheets (up to 8,000 mm) and thin glass.

Glass pack splitting:

Glass packs consisting of at least 5 single glass sheets with a minimum thickness of 4 mm each can be separated with the help of manually operated splitter system.

A wide angle colour camera with lighting is mounted onto each fork tine and two flat screen colour monitors mounted onto the driver's station allow the driver to inspect the lower glass edge. Additionally, due to the optimal visibility, thin glass frames can be more easily positioned in the storage rack.

Clear and ergonomic arrangement of all operating elements and displays. Smooth, jerk-free operation of all hydraulic functions via joystick guarantees safest and most careful glass handling. The standard electronic multidirectional steering system enables precise truck positioning.

Articulated load and drive wheels ensure permanent ground contact and good stability.