Engins sur mesure pour des utilisations spéciales

Depending on your requirements an individual glass transport system can be developed which will be tailor-made to exactly suit your needs. Please contact the HUBTEX specialists in Fulda/Germany.

Model GTR 330 E/D/G,

load bearing capacity 33,000 kg,

electric, diesel or gas powered,
equipped with Vulkollan or rubber tires,
with driver's stand or closed sit down cabin
for indoor and/or outdoor application

On request an easily removable plastic cover to protect from rain can be supplied with wing doors to be opened and closed electrically from driver's cabin.

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader,
model MQ 60,

load bearing capacity 6 t

with handling attachments for packed and unpacked glass and vacuum attachment for the handling of single glass sheets.

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader,
model MQ 80,

load bearing capacity 8 t

with clamping device for the handling of 3 wrapped glass packs, upon request is also available for unpacked glass and/or with 90° rotating device.

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader
model MQ 30/MQ 60,

load bearing capacity 3,000 kg / 6,000 kg

with glass pack rotating device

The HUBTEX Multidirectional Sideloader with glass pack rotating device allows you to rotate DLF glass packs from the horizontal to the vertical orientation and vice versa. Thus, individual wishes of your customers can be fulfilled.
Additionally, MQ 30/MQ 60 can put unpacked glass packs directly in the prepared packaging box. This makes handling easier and saves time. Another advantage is that the glass packs can be stored edgewise in block storage. Thus, the storage capacity can be optimized.

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader,
model M 80-SO

load bearing capacity 2,500 kg

with box handling attachment for putting a wooden crate (VEC) into the center of a 20‘ sea-container

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader
model MQ 45

load bearing capacity 4.500 kg

for the handling of A- or L-stillages

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader
model M 150

load bearing capacity 15 t

with load pick up device for handling of "Colares"