Transpupitres pour verre plat de 8,0

HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters are applied in the float glass industry for the transport of A- and L-stillages up to 33.0 tonnes. They are available as electrically, diesel or gas powered trucks and can be equipped with Vulkollan (PU) tires for indoor use and/or with solid rubber tires for the combined indoor and outdoor application.  Glass stillages are picked up from floor level by synchronous vertical lifting of the chassis with carrying rails. The special vertical lifting movement guarantees a safe and precise lifting of glass stillages without displacement. Four hydraulic clamps hold the glass sheets in place during transport.

Innovation and quality is our key to success. Since the company foundation HUBTEX has set standards with a number of developments and product improvements. The feedback of our worldwide customers is incorporated into the development and the design of new vehicles so that different market requirements can be met in the best possible manner.

Model GTR 330 E/D/G,

load bearing capacity 33.000 kg,

electric, diesel or gas powered,
equipped with Vulkollan or rubber tires,
with driver's stand or closed sit down cabin
for indoor and/or outdoor application

On request an easily removable plastic cover to protect from rain can be supplied with wing doors to be opened and closed electrically from driver's cabin.

Closed driver's seated cabin for combined indoor and outdoor application, optionally available with rotatable driver's seat, heating, and more.

Driver's stand with bilaterally adjustable operator's panel for enhanced visibility during truck maneuvering with the glass frame loaded.

Horizontal standard glass clamps for minimum glass heights of 2400 mm.

Vertical glass clamps with increased retention force for thin glass and minimum glass heights of 1,600 mm are available as an option. Ultrasonic sensors mounted onto each clamp pad prevent exertion of pressure upon the glass pile.

A hydraulic safety system and a vertical synchronous lifting system guarantee optimal truck stability.

Large sized load and drive wheels with rubber tires for diesel and gas powered transporters ensure high outdoor drive speeds, even on poor weather and ground conditions.

Large sized load wheels and powerful, vertical AC drive motors with Vulkollan tires for electrically powered transporters ensure, besides a narrow truck width, optimal energy utilization when driving on industrial floors, considerably decreased operating expenses and increased protection against glass dust.