GTR 330 glass frame transporter from HUBTEX

Hubtex prESENTS NEW GlasS frame transporter


Flat glass manufacturers face the challenge of transporting their goods safely. For working in three-shift operation, they need reliable vehicles with little downtime. Therefore, Hubtex has further developed the technology of glass frame transporters. The control technology has been improved and the software of the GTR was revised for the new series. This has reduced the energy consumption of the new generation. In addition to a more cost-efficient handling of flat glass, customers of the new series also benefit from a lower weight of the transporters. "We have reduced the vehicle weight without reducing the characteristic performance of the vehicles. Advantages are an extended life of the tires. In addition, the pressure on the ground is better distributed, "explains Juan Cantalejo, Hubtex Export Sales Manager. "Together with our customers, we develop transport solutions that meet all expectations." A highlight of the new series is the entry into the driver's cab: in the previous generation, there was only one ladder device, and the driver now benefits from a stairway climb. Ergonomically designed handrails and durable, non-slip steps provide safety when entering and exiting the cab. In addition, the GTRs are equipped with four hydraulic glass fuses - also part of Hubtex innovative safety concept. Ultrasonic sensors on the glass clamps control the speed of the transporter and slow down the fasteners, called claws, before they approach the glass frame. During transport, the clamps hold the glass panes tight. Another advantage is the visual concept: The adjustable position of the control panel gives the driver an optimal view of the load and the direction of travel when picking up the glass frame. The onloading takes place via synchronous lifting of the chassis with a lifting rail. The GTR is available with a diesel, gas or electric drive and is suitable for indoor use or additional outdoor use. As a result, customers benefit with a GTR from safe handling of flat glass, low downtimes and increased occupational safety.

o GTR 330 da HUBTEX com cavalete em L

Cavaletes em L também podem ser transportados com o GTR da HUBTEX.

o GTR 330 da HUBTEX com cavaletes LES

o GTR da HUBTEX também pode operar cavaletes LES.

vista lateral do GTR 300 da HUBTEX

A cabine do GTR da HUBTEX oferece excelente visibilidade para o carregamento e para o sentido de direção.

Endcaps do GTR da HUBTEX

O transporte de cavaletes de vidro é a principal aplicação do GTR da HUBTEX.