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Industry solutions

Whether in the timber industry or in foundries – HUBTEX vehicles are used in the widest range of industries. HUBTEX vehicles are the ideal solution whenever long, heavy or bulky loads need to be transported. Even when series products reach their limits, our unique modular system means that we can develop the perfect vehicle for your handling tasks. Because we work closely with our customers and partners every day to create something unique. 


Extrusion plants, aluminum wholesalers or manufacturers of windows and gates have different requirements. 

HUBTEX industry page for aluminum industry


HUBTEX is a recognized system supplier for the transport of heavy and bulky loads in the automotive industry.

HUBTEX industry page for automotive industry

Building materials

HUBTEX industrial trucks are used in the building materials trade to stockpile a wide variety of building materials from all areas of the building industry. 

HUBTEX industry page for glass industry


The product range is divided into special electric multidirectional sideloaders and glass frame transporters.

HUBTEX industry page for glass industry


The utmost care is taken during transportation in the food industry. The HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader, for example, is used to transport heavy loads in high racks. 



HUBTEX supplies multidirectional sideloaders and order-picking systems to timber wholesalers, sawmills, wood-processing companies, kitchen manufacturers, prefabricated house builders.

HUBTEX industry page for timber industry


HUBTEX industrial trucks are used at various points of the aviation value chain. 

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Commercial companies, industrial companies or railway engineering companies, they all have one thing in common: specific individual handling requirements.


Skip & container transport

Wastewater treatment plants, waste incineration plants and waste disposal plants rely primarily on skips and containers as load carriers in their logistics. 


Drum transport

HUBTEX cable drum transporters are specially designed for the handling of heavy coils for cable and pipe systems with a load capacity up to 60 tons.

A drum transporter straddling a cable drum.


From long goods to heavy loads - in the plastics industry, the widest range of products has to be transported quickly and safely.


Tire tool transport

Handling tools in the tire industry requires high load capacities with compact truck dimensions.



Whether the coils are to be picked up in a standing, lying or suspended position, we can offer you the right solution.

Use in coil warehouses is also one of the typical areas of application for HUBTEX.

Wind and solar

In the renewable energy industries, it is necessary to repeatedly transport long, heavy and bulky goods.

HUBTEX platform transporter handling rotor blades

Sheet metal industry

One of the main tasks of HUBTEX products is the transport of sheets as long, heavy and bulky loads.



The foundry industry makes extraordinary demands on a lift truck because, when transporting molten iron, nothing must be left to chance. 

HUBTEX heavy-duty compact frontlift in use in the foundry

Doors and windows

Using HUBTEX vehicles makes work processes more efficient and material-friendly.