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The appropriate specification of a sideloader or special-purpose vehicle differs from application to application. In this respect, every area of application makes extraordinary demands on a lift truck. HUBTEX provides interesting solutions for a variety of handling tasks along the value chain in the plastics industry. 

Task areas

Handling of plastic profiles
HUBTEX BasiX multidirectional sideloader picking up profiles
HUBTEX BasiX transporting profiles

The three-wheel electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

Plastic profiles are used in a variety of industries. Be it in the manufacture of windows, doors and ceiling panels, in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, or by manufacturers of household appliances. The HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders are ideal for the safe handling of profiles in narrow aisles. As a rule in this area of application, the multidirectional forklifts in the low load capacity range, preferably from the BASIX series, are of particular interest. Here the customer benefits primarily from the large number of possible variants, as the HUBTEX lift trucks can always be ideally adapted to the specific application.


Transport of large-volume plastics and GRP parts
Transporting plastic using an ESTL from HUBTEX
HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloader in operation
HUBTEX ESTL transporting long goods
HUBTEX ESTL freely movable

The electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

Aviation and shipbuilding are just two of the industries where large volumes of plastic and GRP components are handled. For example, large molds must be moved and stored. To do this, the multidirectional forklift trucks are generally used in a configuration with a high load capacity, long fork carriage and large cab. The steering system is particularly important for very long loads. With the HUBTEX multidirectional steering system, even very long loads can be moved in the tightest spaces.


Order picking of plastic profiles
The HUBTEX MQ 40 sideloader handling plastic profiles
Electric multidirectional sideloader with attached order picking platform

Electric multidirectional sideloader with removable order picking platform from HUBTEX

When picking plastic profiles, HUBTEX multidirectional forklifts with a removable order picking platform are truly universal talents. For the handling of complete packs and cassettes, the vehicle is used as a conventional multidirectional sideloader. As soon as the operator wants to pick individual profiles, a platform can be attached to the lift truck. In this case, control is no longer from the cab, but entirely from the vehicle platform. This means that the order picking process can be carried out by just one person.  


EZK profile handling in an narrow aisle

Electric double-sided order picking platform with 2-mast or scissor lift (EZK) from HUBTEX

The EZK order picking platform is particularly suitable when high handling capacities are required. The platform is characterized by a two-sided rack operation. The vehicle scores with its wide range of equipment variants, such as automatic vehicle positioning in the aisle as well as centering in front of the load or enabling the goods to be strapped to the vehicle.


Handling of polyfilm rolls and packaging films
ESTL handling rolls of polythene film

The electric multidirectional side loader

When handling long rolls, the electric multidirectional sideloader is the ideal narrow vehicle solution. With this lift truck the aisle widths can be kept as narrow as possible. Its special feature, however, is the way in which loads are picked up. Here the rolls can be picked up with the help of a roll gripper. With different lengths, the spindle can be easily adjusted to the corresponding load length by means of a fork adjustment.


Reach truck handling plastic

The electric reach truck from HUBTEX

For shorter roll lengths we recommend the use of a reach truck. HUBTEX reach trucks are used when the lifting capacity of series-produced reach trucks is no longer sufficient. With almost the same dimensions, HUBTEX reach trucks can carry significantly higher capacities. For shorter roll lengths we recommend the use of a reach truck.


Changing injection molding tools
A HUBTEX tool changer being used for internal transport.
The vehicles have multidirectional steering.

The electric multidirectional tool changer from HUBTEX

When handling injection molding tools, it is necessary to transport up to 110,000 lbs and make transfers to the respective injection molding machine with millimeter precision. The platform transporters with electric drive from HUBTEX usually form the basis of these tool changers. The actual tool changer is then adapted to the respective requirements of the machine. As a rule, assistance systems are used to ensure high positioning accuracy.


We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents special challenges for users. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to obtain the best possible solution for your application.


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Effective materials handling and warehouse management is crucial to the success of a company, which is why Gaugler & Lutz oHG is banking on an intelligent storage system at its new logistics centre in Aalen-Ebnat (Nord). The leading supplier of core materials and products for lightweight manufacturing has installed a 12-metre-high cantilever racking system spanning 2,200 square metres, creating enough storage space for roughly 2,500 pallets. The pallets are transported around the warehouse by two MQ 30 electric multidirectional sideloaders.

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