Forklift trucks in use at STIHL
FluX70 einlagern von Paletten
FluX70 Langut
FluX70 beim Kommissionieren
FluX70 Elastik Bereifung
Forklift trucks in use at STIHL
FluX70 einlagern von Paletten
FluX70 Langut
FluX70 beim Kommissionieren
FluX70 Elastik Bereifung

Flux 70 electric multidirectional forklift
The 2-in-1 forklift: a forklift and sideloader in one truck

  • Icon Lasten GewichtLoad capacity up to 15,400 lbs  
  • 2-in-1The 2-in-1 forklift: a forklfit and sideloader 
  • 360 ° Mehrwegelenkung360° HX multidirectional steering

The FluX 70 multidirectional counterbalance forklift is ideal for handling wooden materials and combines the advantages of an electric multidirectional forklift with those of a heavy-duty truck with combustion engine. Much more compact than comparable front loaders, the 15,000 lbs multidirectional front loader is a truly excellent performer, especially when handling loads with high centers of gravity, where it takes up much less width along aisles. The 360° HX multidirectional steering enables large steering angles and the smallest possible turning radii in all driving directions as well as smooth changes in direction without an intermediate stop. The FluX 70 is highly flexible in use and can be deployed indoors and outdoors, including in block storage and on challenging terrain. With a lift height of up to 295 in, it is also well suited to work in high-bay warehouses.

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FluX 70 – extremely robust and versatile thanks to the short frame length

The handling of wooden materials presents manufacturers of forklifts and industrial trucks with major challenges. Innovative solutions are required to transport long, heavy, and bulky loads safely, including over rough ground and along narrow aisles. HUBTEX has extended the application range of its FluX and is now also offering its electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift for loads of up to 15,000 lbs. The FluX 70 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and combines the advantages of an electric multidirectional truck with those of a heavy-duty truck with an internal combustion engine.

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Driver’s cabin
FluX 70 Bedienelemente
FluX 70 Fahrwerk

The spacious driver’s cabin guarantees maximum comfort and full freedom of movement. All vehicle information is clearly displayed on the color display screen of the HIT (HUBTEX information terminal). All hydraulic functions are controlled and the direction of travel selected easily and conveniently using the ergonomic multifunction joystick. A steering column with adjustable height and angle and a air-sprung seat make work even more comfortable for the driver.

Optimum all-round visibility
FluX70 beim Kommissionieren

The unique idea behind the cab ensures outstanding all-round visibility. Slim columns and large windows provide optimum visibility and give the operator the best possible overview of their forklift.

Steering system
The heavy-duty compact frontlift has multidirectional steering.

The FluX can switch seamlessly between longitudinal and transverse travel without needing an intermediate stop, because it comes as standard with the HX 360° continuous steering system, which has proven its worth since 2014. This cuts the time needed to switch wheels and provides excellent maneuverability. The all-wheel drive is particularly advantageous when used in warehouses that permit free movement and involve frequent direction changes, when loading and unloading trucks, or in block storage. Another benefit is much lower wear to the wheels, since the forklift can change direction while in motion and does not necessarily have to stop to do so.

FluX70 einlagern von Paletten

This vehicle series is equipped with a four-wheel chassis with hydraulic level compensation to optimize driving and steering. Powerful, energy-efficient three-phase drives and three-phase pump units are used. The vehicles are fitted with soft PU tires as standard to meet the demands posed by all manner of different ground conditions, such as asphalt or paved surfaces.

Fork carriage and lift mast
FluX 70 Gabelträger

The lift masts and fork carriage were developed specifically for this vehicle series. This development work focused on optimizing visibility of the load and the route being taken by the forklift and resulted in the highly compact lift masts and the fork carriers optimized for
specific applications
. These ensure effective, safe handling in the rack thanks to a fixed mast and a fork carriage tilt of +5°/−5°. A choice of Simplex, Duplex and Triplex lift masts with different lift heights up to 295 in are available for the FluX.

Technical specification

FluX 70 (2410-EL series)

Load capacity 15,400 lbs

Lift height up to 295 in

Residual load capacity up to 9700 lbs at a lift height of 295 in

Fork length 47 in

Frame length 98 in

PU soft tires

80 V battery

Transverse cabin

Speed 6 mph

Fork carrier tilt +5°/-5°