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Skip and container

Wastewater treatment plants, waste incineration plants and waste disposal plants rely primarily on skips and containers as load carriers in their logistics. For economical overall processes, these quickly reach a weight of over 22,000 lbs, which can no longer be handled efficiently with standard lift trucks. HUBTEX has developed its own skip and container transporters with a load capacity of up to 55,000 lbs especially for this area of application. Depending on requirements, they come with either an electric drive, diesel or gas drive. The HUBTEX container and skip transporters can be individually adapted to different container sizes.

Individual container sizes:

Depending on the requirement, different load handling variants are available.



Safe transport of skips and containers
Skip transport with a HUBTEX vehicle
Container transporter with swivel arm from HUBTEX
Container transporter from HUBTEX

Skip transporter (CT)

The HUBTEX skip/container transporter is available with two different load handling options, chain slung or swivel arms.



HUBTEX Schwenkarmlösung

In the version with swivel arms, the truck straddles the skip, the swivel arms extend hydraulically and lift without the driver leaving the cab.

Hebegeschirr HUBTEX

When lifting the loads with conventional chains, the truck straddles the skip, the lifting gear is hitched manually on both sides and the load is then lifted.

Load capacity up to 275,000 lbs
Platform transporter with coils
HUBTEX SFB at Volkswagen
HUBTEX tool changers

Heavy-duty transport systems

Our customers have very diverse wishes and requirements when it comes to transport processes for their containers and skips. Our heavy-duty transport systems, such as the platform truck and the rail-mounted truck, can also be used to transport particularly heavy containers or skips. The surface of the platform or rail-mounted truck is designed depending on the load to be transported – both flat designs and recessed versions with holding rods for containers are possible.


We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to obtain the best possible solution for your application.


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Sewage treatment plant Koblenz

For waste disposal logistics, special equipment manufacturer Hubtex initially provides three basic versions. These variants differ in the type of load suspension, either via lifting gear, lifting rail or fork mounting. All vehicles can be equipped with an electric, diesel or gas engine depending on the application. In the Koblenz sewage treatment plant, for example, an electrically operated dump truck type CT-E 140 with lifting gear facilitates the logistical processes in the container terminal and outdoors.

Our skip transporter in use at the sewage
treatment plant Koblenz