Multidirectional sideloader in a metal service center


The appropriate specification of an electric multidirectional sideloader or a special-purpose vehicle differs from application to application. Whether a retail company, industrial operation or railway engineering company, they all have one thing in common – individually specific requirements when it comes to the topic of handling.  HUBTEX offers a comprehensive modular system that has the flexibility to adapt precisely to your handling requirements in the metal industry. 

Task areas

Modification as required
Multidirectional sideloader in a metal service center
Multidirectional sideloader in a metal service center

The electric multidirectional sideloader

Our multidirectional sideloaders are truly multi-talented. They can be used in almost every industry. Whether as a forklift in the basic version, with assistance systems or as part of a fully automated transport system, the electric multidirectional sideloader can be used for almost all application scenarios. Thanks to the individual design, the distances between the rack rows can be minimized, increasing storage capacities

Roxx Schwerlastkompaktstapler bei engen Platzverhältnissen

The electric heavy-duty compact forklift

Wherever heavy loads need to be transported, handled or loaded in confined spaces, the HUBTEX RoxX electric heavy-duty compact forklift comes into its own. The RoxX is used both indoors and outdoors. In comparison with conventional forklift trucks, the RoxX is characterized by very compact external dimensions in length and width. In short: The HUBTEX compact forklift is ideally suited to use in the metal industry. 


Transporting heavy loads easily
Self-propelled heavy-duty platform SFX for indoor/outdoor use
SFX platform transporter with capacities of 55,000, 88,000 and 143,000 lbs

The free-moving platform transporter (SFX)

The transport of heavy and large metal loads poses a particular challenge. The SFX platform transporter from HUBTEX can rise to this challenge. The platform transporters are self-propelled vehicles with a large loading platform used for the in-house transport of all types of heavy load, especially in the metal industry. 
Its modular design means that the platform truck can be adapted to many customer-specific requirements. A solution designed precisely for the application offers our customers maximum benefit, high vehicle availability and longevity. 

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HUBTEX rail-mounted truck transports heavy load
Heavy-duty transport by the HUBTEX platform transporter on rails

The rail-mounted platform truck (GW)

The rail-mounted trucks (GW) from HUBTEX are tailored to individual customer wishes and requirements. They are designed for in-house transport on straight rails. By defining the weight classes, HUBTEX specifies the appropriate rail-wheel-to-rail combination and determines the suitable gearbox and drive motor.  Our rail-mounted truck is therefore optimally suited for the metal industry, especially when transporting heavy loads.