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Sheet metal

Whether in mechanical engineering or in industry – process optimizations often require the transport of heavy and large loads. HUBTEX offers a very wide range of products for this purpose, offering users the perfect solution for the handling of sheet metal.

Task areas

Electric multidirectional sideloaders
HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader

Electric multidirectional sideloaders

With their modular design and up to 77,000 lbs load capacity, the multidirectional sideloaders with electric drive can be adapted individually to almost any application,
using a base unit, vehicles with assistance systems or a fully automated transport system. Your HUBTEX consultants will work with you to develop the optimal vehicle configuration. The patented multidirectional steering system ensures optimum maneuverability, enabling the distance between the rack rows to be reduced to a minimum and creating additional space for new warehouse capacity.


2-in-1 Forklift
Gegengewichtsstapler Flux transportiert lange Profile

Electric multidirectional counterbalance forklifts

With the new FluX series from HUBTEX presents a new generation of omnidirectional counterbalance forklift trucks for combined indoor and outdoor use. Special features of the FluX are its compact frame length combined with the patented steering which provides smooth changes of direction. The intelligent and energy-efficient drive concept makes the truck unbeatable in its class, efficient and easy to use. The FluX is of particular interest to companies in the sheet metal industry where heavy loads must be moved.


Electric multidirectional order pickers

MU-OP and MU-SO electric multidirectional order pickers

Our 1-man multidirectional order picking sideloader (MU-OP) and the 2-man version (MU-SO) can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers. Their versatility is convincing, as they can be used not only for order picking processes, but also as conventional electric multidirectional sideloaders. The order picking sideloaders offer the advantage that the operator has an optimum view of the sheet metal to be picked up.


Universal heavy duty handling
Heavy-duty multidirectional sideloaders from HUBTEX

Heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader

Our "power packs" are particularly suitable for the universal transport of a wide variety of sheet materials. All possible loads – whether long goods or sheets – can be transported with a heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader. It can also be used in narrow aisles or freely both indoors and outdoors. Within the series, the models can be adapted to all individual customer requirements.


Extraordinary design – Extraordinary handling
Electric towing tractor in the sheet metal industry
The vehicles have a maintenance-free AC drive motor.

Electric towing tractor with gooseneck

The electric towing tractor with hydraulic gooseneck is perfectly suited for transporting platforms which carry sheet metal materials. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The advantage of a solution with an electric towing tractor is that the materials do not have to be reloaded – they remain on the designated platform all the time during transport and can be moved freely within the company. The vehicles with electric towing tractor are individually adapted to the customer's wishes, guaranteeing optimal dovetailing of the in-house processes.


Transport of very heavy loads in narrow aisles
Reach trucks from HUBTEX

Electric reach truck

The HUBTEX SQ reach truck is characterized by its compact design combined with a high load capacity of up to 13,200 lbs. Our multi-directional steering system enables the SQ to achieve higher load capacities with constant aisle conditions. The smallest turning radii also favor precision maneuverability, even when transporting heavy sheets and metals.


Heavy duty transport systems
Platform transporter from HUBTEX

Heavy-duty transport systems

Our customers have very diverse wishes and requirements when it comes to transport processes for their sheet metal. Our heavy-duty transport systems, such as the platform truck and the rail-mounted truck, can also be used to transport particularly heavy coils, sheet bundles or raw metals. The surface of the platform or rail-mounted truck is designed depending on the load to be transported – both flat designs and recessed versions with holding rods for coils are possible.


Compact dimensions and small turning circles
Roxx Schwerlastkompaktstapler bei engen Platzverhältnissen

Heavy-duty compact forklift

Where standard heavy-duty forklift trucks reach their limits, the use of our heavy-duty compact forklift is just beginning. With a load capacity of 26,000 to 66,000 lbs, it is specifically designed for very heavy loads. The lift mast is also manufactured to the highest quality standards. By using a heavy-duty compact forklift, more materials can be transported per route than with common solutions from series manufacturers. Despite its larger dimensions, the RoxX truck from HUBTEX offers the smallest turning radii and greatest maneuverability.


We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces is a particular challenge for users. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.