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compact Electric heavy duty forklift


Wherever heavy loads need to be transported, handled or loaded in confined spaces, the HUBTEX RoxX electric heavy duty compact forklift comes into its own. The RoxX is used both indoors and outdoors. In comparison with conventional forklift trucks, the RoxX is characterized by very compact external dimensions in length and width. In short: The HUBTEX compact forklift is used anywhere where conventional frontloaders cannot be used due to their significantly larger dimensions. All vehicles in the RoxX series have a sturdy, robust free-view lift mast and offer maximum maneuverability as well as optimum all-round visibility from the driver's cab. The purely electric drive results in extremely energy-efficient, low-maintenance and quiet operation.

HUBTEX electric heavy duty compact forklifts: strong, robust and extremely maneuverable

Heavy loads are often transported by frontloaders. But when space is limited, these trucks quickly reach their limits due to their vehicle length. The robust HUBTEX's RoxX heavy-duty compact forklifts offer and maneuverable solution. The development is based on a cooperation between HUBTEX and Dimos. The two international manufacturers of industrial trucks have been collaborating on new products and solutions for intralogistics since the end of 2017. One result of this successful cooperation is the new RoxX heavy-duty compact forklift, which, in various series, facilitates the handling of load capacities from 17,600 to 66,000 lbs in confined spaces. All vehicles in this family have sturdy, robust lift masts and offer maximum maneuverability as well as optimum all-round visibility from the driver's cab.

Maximum maneuverability with patented steering

Whether coils, reels of paper, converters or tools – the new RoxX series from HUBTEX will transport these loads safely and reliably. The vehicle is very maneuverable and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The compact design of the RoxX offers significant advantages over conventional frontloaders: it is up to 25% narrower and around 20% shorter with the same load capacity. There are two steering systems available for the RoxX. An electro-hydraulic steering system with one steering axle is fitted as standard. Further space savings can be achieved with the optional electric steering system. A new, patented single-wheel steering system significantly reduces the turning circle, resulting in an additional space saving of 50% in the turning radius compared with standard steering. In this case, the pivot point of the vehicle is ideally located at the center of the drive axle.


Lift mast
The RoxX with retracted lift mast.
The RoxX with extended lift mast.

The design of the lift mast plays a critical role with our RoxX. On the one hand, the lift mast must be able to lift heavy loads and move safely, on the other hand, it must not restrict the driver's view. 
For optimum flexibility, the lift mast is available in various versions. Beginning with a 2-stage Simplex lift mast (standard model) with a lift height of 134", to a 2-stage lift mast with full free lift (Duplex) and a 3-stage lift mast with full free lift (Triplex). All models can tilt from -5° to +5°. HUBTEX will also design additional lift mast solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Steps make it easy to enter the cab.

Our RoxX has a purely electric drive, offering 30% increased efficiency compared to vehicles with an electro-hydrostatic drive.

Service access
The RoxX transports loads in confined spaces.

Since there are no maintenance-intensive hydraulic devices, the service costs are reduced in addition to the low energy consumption. The modular design of the heavy-duty compact forklift also guarantees optimum access for maintenance and repair purposes. In addition, the driver's cab can be easily folded down for servicing, enabling fast response times and ease of maintenance. Any battery changes that may be required are easy to carry out thanks to the fork pockets on the battery and a mechanical locking mechanism .

The best advice can be found here.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to obtain the best possible solution for your application.

HIT 3 display of a compact heavy duty forklift

The cab is equipped with a display, a joystick and an individually adjustable driver's seat.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts have a low-noise electric drive.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts have a low-noise and environmentally friendly electric drive.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts transport heavy loads in confined spaces.

The heavy-duty compact forklift trucks can transport loads of up to 66,000 lbs in the narrowest of aisles.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts are strong, robust and extremely maneuverable.

Heavy-duty compact forklift trucks enable maximum maneuverability with a patented steering system.

Technical Data

Series 4160


Load capacity 17,600 to 66,000 lbs

Lift height: user specific

PU- / EL- Tires

Electric drive

80 V battery

Ergo driver's seat cab