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The appropriate specification of an electric multidirectional sideloader or a special-purpose vehicle differs from application to application. In this respect, the foundry industry makes extraordinary demands on a lift truck because, when transporting molten iron, nothing must be left to chance. Optimum all-round visibility is essential. HUBTEX offers a comprehensive modular system that has the flexibility to adapt precisely to the respective handling requirements in the foundry industry.

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Thoroughly sturdy and robust
Roxx Schwerlastkompaktstapler bei engen Platzverhältnissen
HUBTEX RoxX with HX steering
Great all-round visibility from the cabine

The heavy-duty compact forklift from HUBTEX

Wherever unusual loads need to be transported, handled or loaded in confined spaces, the HUBTEX RoxX electric heavy-duty compact forklift comes into its own. The RoxX is used both indoors and outdoors. Our heavy-duty compact forklift is characterized by very compact external dimensions in length and width. In short: The HUBTEX compact forklift is ideally suited to use in the foundry industry.


Breaking new ground
HUBTEX heavy-duty compact frontlift operating in the high temperatures of the foundry

The heavy-duty compact forklift with telescopic arm from HUBTEX

The transport of molten iron in the foundry industry poses a particular challenge.
Conventional heavy-duty forklifts quickly reach their limits, as the forklift components can be severely affected by flying sparks. The design of the HUBTEX telescopic arm forklift means that the molten iron has only very small surfaces to attack. All drive and control technology is housed inside the vehicle.  


HUBTEX telescopic arm stacker transporting converters

The mixing ratio must be correct

When transporting converters for molten iron, there may be a need for our vehicles to turn these converters on their own axes. This step is necessary so that molten iron can react with magnesium. A movable component, integrated at the front of the telescopic arm, facilitates the desired alignment of the converter.

Stacker with telescopic arm from HUBTEX

Best possible visibility

Conventional lift trucks usually have the wide mast located at the front of the truck.
This type of design makes handling in the foundry industry a real challenge. The bulky lift mast often blocks the view to the converter, which must be transported with great care. This means that dangerous and risky work situations are a frequent occurrence.
By dispensing with the mast, our telescopic arm forklift provides considerably improved all-round visibility and therefore increased safety during the transport process.   


Safe transport thanks to optimally adapted loading platform
Heavy load being transported with aid of rail-mounted truck
Platform transporter for heavy-duty transport
Rail-mounted truck from HUBTEX

Platform trucks and rail-mounted trucks from HUBTEX

The transport of loads in the foundry industry poses a particular challenge. The SFB platform transporters and GW rail-mounted trucks from HUBTEX rise to this challenge. The two vehicles both have a large loading platform used for the in-house transport of heavy loads, specifically in the foundry industry.
Their modular designs mean that trucks can be adapted to many customer-specific requirements. A solution designed precisely for the application offers our customers maximum benefit, high vehicle availability and longevity.


Universal handling for heavy loads
Heavy-duty multidirectional sideloaders from HUBTEX

The heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader

Our “power packs” are particularly suited to the universal transport of a wide variety of foundry materials. All possible loads – whether liquid or solid – can be transported using a heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader. It can also be used in narrow aisles or is freely mobile indoors and outdoors. Within the series, the models can be adapted to all individual customer requirements.


We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents users with special challenges. Arrange a no-obligation consultation with our specialists to find the best possible solution for your application.


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Georg Fischer Automotive

Georg Fischer Automotive developed together with HUBTEX a completely new type of heavy duty forklift with a telescopic arm. The starting point for this was the fact that converters in foundries mainly use classic trucks. During operation, flying sparks and splashes of molten iron affect the hard-to-protect components of conventional heavy-duty forklifts with masts enormously and thus impair the necessary availability. In addition, they cause comparatively high operating costs in the hard and special use of the automotive supplier Georg Fischer Automotive.

Our heavy-duty compact forklift
in the foundry version