HUBTEX reach trucks

HUBTEX’s reach trucks come into play wherever conventional models are beginning to struggle. Three different models make up the range of available solutions: the NexX multidirectional reach truck, the fourway reach truck, and the two-way reach truck.
All solutions boast compact dimensions, great maneuverability, and high load capacities. The reach trucks with two- or fourway steering are ideal for use in situations where long loads sometimes need transporting in tight spaces.

Reach truck transports metal parts

The perfect solution for any application

Whether you need ultra-heavy loads transporting in a tight space or outstanding maneuverability, we’ve got the right solution for you. The heavy-duty version of our reach truck can carry up to 13,200 lbs, while the NexX reach truck is equipped with multidirectional steering. So it is extremely maneuverable, and tight spaces are child’s play.


The right solution for your requirements
Our reach trucks with electric drive come in three different product groups.

NexX multidirectional reach truck 

Load capacities up to 6,600 lbs | Lift height up to 354"

The NexX multidirectional reach truck is particularly well suited to situations that will fit a conventional lift truck. The 360° HX steering system enables loads of up to 314" long to be transported while saving space and changes in direction to be instigated in no time at all, thus ensuring safe, efficient handling.

Mehrwege Schubmaststapler steht vor Tor
The reach trucks have been designed for indoor use and outdoor use.

Two-way reach truck


Load capacities up to 13,200 lbs | Lift height up to 511"

This twoway reach truck comes into its own wherever conditions on the ground are particularly challenging. Despite its compact dimensions, it can transport loads weighing up to 13,200 lbs. This reach truck can be used wherever conventional models are beginning to struggle.



Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

How does the HUBTEX reach truck differ from serially produced reach trucks?

The vehicles are particularly suitable for companies where the transport requirements increase due to particularly heavy and bulky loads. Conventional reach trucks quickly reach their limits with high payloads of more than 6,600 lbs. The HUBTEX reach trucks have the same dimensions as mass-produced reach trucks - but at the same time offer a significantly higher load capacity with particularly large load centres. The compact reach truck from HUBTEX is the right solution, especially for companies where the material flow has to be reorganized in confined spaces. This is because the trucks can also be used with constant working aisle widths. HUBTEX has equipped the reach trucks with an energy-efficient control system of the latest generation, which enables the truck to achieve maximum handling performance with its particularly long battery life.

Does HUBTEX also sell reach trucks for special purposes, such as heavy-duty electric reach trucks or multidirectional heavy-duty electric reach trucks?

As it happens, this is precisely HUBTEX’s strength and core area of expertise. With our reach trucks, we offer users load capacities of up to 6 t – while keeping dimensions as small as possible. The vehicles are ideal for companies that are facing ever-tougher transportation requirements due to particularly heavy and bulky loads while also having to reorganize their material flows in a tight space. As well as the compact SQ series, we also have a heavy-duty version of our reach trucks. Needless to say, this is also available with multidirectional steering.

Stacking cheeses with the aid of the HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader

All HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders can be individually adapted to customer wishes, such as here in cheese manufacture.

HUBTEX stacker in use at Continental Brazil

HUBTEX has the right vehicle for every application – such as here at Continental in Brazil.

Reach truck handling plastic

Reach trucks with small turning radii and small vehicle dimensions also score well in the plastics industry.

HUBTEX reach truck operating in the tire industry

HUBTEX reach trucks can be used to transport a wide variety of tools in the tire industry.

Can HUBTEX reach trucks be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer via options?

Thanks to the modular system with its many options, the forklifts can already be adapted to most of our customers' needs. If no suitable solution can be found, we are even able to produce one-offs for our customers due to our individual production possibilities. In this case, we integrate our development into the concept and offer phase and plan an individual vehicle concept that is perfectly tailored to the respective application.

To what extent are your reach trucks integrated in Industry 4.0 environments, what tasks do the trucks handle automatically there and where do they reach their limits?

Our reach trucks are always interesting when mass-produced reach trucks reach their limits. These are usually special applications where compact vehicle dimensions and particularly high load capacities are required at the same time. In the overall market, our reach trucks are therefore more of a niche product. Accordingly, it is rare for customers to ask us for fully automated reach trucks. Nevertheless, we have been working for years on the further development of our extensive range of assistance systems, with which we are also advancing the subject of automation. This means that we can use all our industry 4.0-compatible solutions in the vehicles via the HUBTEX Information Terminal (HIT 3).

Kabine des NexX Mehrwegestaplers

What developments do you expect in the short and medium term for reach trucks?

An ongoing issue for all manufacturers is the energy efficiency of vehicles. In the coming years, higher engine and battery system performance capacities will be in particular demand here. This makes investment in vehicles with lithium-ion batteries interesting for applications with a medium number of operating hours.
Another trend is that the boundaries between vehicles and peripheral systems such as warehouse management are becoming increasingly blurred with the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things. Already today, intelligent operating units, such as the HUBTEX Information Terminal, can generate countless advantages.