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HUBTEX industrial trucks are used in the building materials trade to stockpile a wide variety of building materials from all areas of the building industry. They enable the easy stacking of long goods in narrow aisles, but are also ideal for handling pallets in warehouses or the loading and unloading of trucks. They can be customized to individual customer needs. All building materials, roofing items, wood, insulating materials, structural steels, sanitary ware, fuels and pipes can be processed in the widest variety of dimensions and with weights up to 55,000 lbs .

Task areas

Use in building materials trade and DIY stores
Counterbalanced truck Flux transports pallet with building materials
Flux counterbalance truck stores aluminium profiles
Flux counterbalance truck drives through narrow hall door
Flux counterbalance truck transports pallets
Forklift trucks in use at STIHL

The electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift

The electric counterbalance forklift FluX is the universal companion in the building materials trade. It has been specially developed to handle both pallets and long goods. Its soft elastic tires enable it to be used in different ground and floor conditions, both indoors and outdoors. The patented HX multidirectional steering system ensures a smooth change of direction. In combination with its fixed mast, trucks can be loaded and unloaded quickly and safely.  


HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader in the aluminum industry
HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader in operation
HUBTEX multidirectional stacker during load pick-up

The electric multidirectional sideloader (3-wheel)

The entry-level version of the electric multidirectional sideloader is the DS 30 with a load capacity of up to 6,600 lbs. Its narrow dimensions offer particular benefits for DIY stores and the building materials trade. The low entry height of the cab is ideal for drivers who need to get in and out frequently. Thanks to its electric drive, the three-wheel vehicle is perfectly suited for indoor use in narrow aisles. Nevertheless, the vehicle is equipped with soft elastic tires enabling it to operate over a wide variety of ground and floor conditions both indoors and outdoors.



Truck unloading with the Hubtex PHOENIX multidirectional sideloader
PHOENIX Multidirectional Sideloader at HIANSA
Transportation of sandwich panels with PHOENIX multidirectional forklift truck
Odörfer Haustechnik relies on the HUBTEX MaxX!
HUBTEX MaxX in use at Odörfer

The electric multidirectional side loader

The use of a HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloader from the ESTL, PhoeniX or MaxX series is always the right choice when needing to transport long goods. In the building materials trade these can be all types of wood materials, steel girders, pipes and profiles. The modular system available for these series is very large, meaning that these vehicles can be adapted to almost any application.  


Handling precast concrete elements
Transportation of precast concrete elements using an inloader

GTR inloader

HUBTEX internal loaders are used to transport heavy-duty stillages and oversized pallets weighing up to 88,000 lbs. The transporters are available with electric, diesel or gas drive and, with the appropriate tires, can be configured for both indoor and outdoor use. The load is picked up by synchronous lifting of the chassis with carrying rails. The special vertical lift guarantees secure and precise lifting of the stillage, without displacement. The precast concrete elements are secured during transport by four hydraulic clamps.



Concrete element transport by HUBTEX

GTT frame transporter

HUBTEX provides the GTT series for the in-house transport of precast concrete elements with load capacities up to 110,000 lbs. The stillage is picked up by driving under it and lifting the platform. The advantages of this truck lie in its compact design and the resulting excellent maneuverability with the smallest turning radius. With GTT trucks, the elements are secured either by load or stillage clamps. Load clamps are required if the elements are transported unsecured on the stillage. If the concrete elements are already secured by a stillage, then a stillage clamp is often sufficient.



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Multi-directional forklift
Maxx Mehrwegestapler Hubtex im Einsatz

Building materials dealer Halvax Paneelsysteme

Building materials | Austria

Halvax Paneelsysteme GmbH is a company in Carinthia, Austria. From Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the company distributes roof and wall systems throughout Carinthia. In goods handling, therefore, a variety of long, short and sometimes very heavy products must be moved.

Multi-directional forklift
Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X manipulando paneles sándwich

Building material manufacturer METECNO sandwich panels

Building materials | Spain

The loads to be transported by METECNO are mainly sandwich panel packages with dimensions ranging from 3 to 18 meters. The Diesel four-way forklifts DQ-X are equipped with a detachable fork carriage, which offers great flexibility to safely move different load lengths.

Multi-directional forklift
Truck unloading with the Hubtex PHOENIX multidirectional sideloader

Building materials manufacturer HIANSA sandwich panels

Building materials | Spain

HIANSA has experienced numerous benefits through the acquisition of our HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts. Thanks to the environmentally friendly and reliable electric solution, HIANSA has been able to maintain the demanding performance without generating pollutant exhaust emissions.

Our electric multidirectional sideloaders  in action