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GTT glass frame transporter


With load capacities up to 52 tons, our GTT glass frame transporter is a true heavyweight champion. Thanks to the low-noise, environmentally friendly and, above all, powerful electric drive of the GTT, heavy glass stillages can also be moved with ease. The layout of the frame transporter can be perfectly adapted to any customer-specific platform dimension. The driver’s stand or the sit-down cab provide the best-possible view and highest safety standards when moving the glass packs. The lifting without displacement and maximum precision takes place via a synchronous vertical lift of the frame. And to further improve the glass clamp, ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the load handling and the transport.


Choosing the appropriate battery and charging technology is a crucial factor for energy-efficient and cost-effective operation. A wide range of different battery types and chargers is available for HUBTEX lift trucks. We first analyze your application and then recommend the appropriate battery size based on this. In addition to a wide selection of different types of lead-acid batteries, all series of our multidirectional sideloaders are also available with lithium-ion batteries.

HIT Information Terminal

The HUBTEX HIT information terminal shows the driver all the information about the operating status of the vehicle. Thus important factors are always visible. The hydraulic functions are operated sensitively and with millimetre precision using the modern generation of joysticks developed by HUBTEX.


Task and load profile for GTT glass frame transporter
der Fahrerstand des HUBTEX GTT
der Fahrerstand des HUBTEX GTT
der HUBTEX GTT mit L Gestell
der HUBTEX GTT 320 mit Autoklave
der HUBTEX GTT 320 mit Autoklave

HUBTEX offers the GTT series for the in-house transport of A and L stillages with feet for load capacities up to 50 tons. The stillage is picked up by driving under it and lifting the platform. The advantages of this truck lie in its compact design and the resulting excellent maneuverability with the smallest turning radius.

Glass or stillage clamps
Gestellsicherung des GTT
Gestellsicherung des GTT

With GTT trucks, the glass packs and the glass stillage are secured either by glass or stillage clamps. Glass clamps are required if the glass is transported unsecured on the stillage. If the glass is already secured by the stillage, then a frame clamp is often sufficient.

Safety and assistance systems
das Kamerasystem zur Überwachung der Gabelzinke bei Lastaufnahme von Glas

A comprehensive range of safety and assistance systems completes the configuration of the glass frame transporter. For example, camera systems, anti-collision scanners and specially integrated sensors are used to prevent glass breakage and to increase safety for personnel.

Driver's stand and operation
die Bedienung des HUBTEX GTT
der Fahrersitz des HUBTEX GTT
der Fahrerstand des HUBTEX GTT

The GTT is available in 2 versions: with a driver's stand or as a sit-down cab. Optionally available is a closed sit-down cab for combined indoor and outdoor use. The operation of all hydraulic functions is carried out sensitively and with absolute precision via the modern generation of joysticks developed by HUBTEX. The desired movements can be made quickly and safely without having to constantly change grip. The HIT information terminal provides information about the operating status. The multifunctional display provides the driver with all the information on the speed and battery status of the GTT in a clear graphic display.

Tire equipment

For applications on smooth industrial floors, we use HUBTEX polyurethane tires (PU). Alternatively, we offer soft tires optimized to your application.

We know the best solution.

We know that the handling of glass frames presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.

der Fahrerstand des HUBTEX GTT
der HUBTEX GTT mit L Gestell
der Fahrerstand des HUBTEX GTT
Der GTT 330 im Einsatz beim Glastransport

Unserer Glastransportsysteme können individuell auf Ihre Wünsche hin konstruiert werden.

Glasgestelltransporter GTT beim Hanlingsprozess von HUBTEX

Keine Last ist unseren Sonderfahrzeugen zu komplex, der GTT ist Meister wenn es um das Thema Glashandling geht.

der HUBTEX GTT 320 mit Autoklave
der HUBTEX GTT 320 mit Autoklave

Technical data

Type description Type Series Load capacity (t) Load handling Tire equipment Engine
Glass-Frame-Transporter GTT 50 4023 up to 5 Plattform PU Electric
GTT 110 4024 up to 11
GTT 150 4025 up to 15
GTT 180 4026 up to 18
GTT 210 4027 up to 21
GTT 230 4020 up to 23
GTT 300 4020 up to 30
GTT 320 4020 up to 32