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Glass transport

We have more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of multidirectional sideloaders and special-purpose vehicles and we have devoted this to offering our customers in the plate glass industry a complete product portfolio of innovative solutions from the transport of glass packs through warehousing to dispatch. The product range is divided into special electric multidirectional sideloaders and glass frame transporters. HUBTEX vehicles offer you more safety due to optimized visibility for the operator. Handling processes can also be designed faster and the storage capacity can be increased with narrower aisles. Operating and personnel costs can be effectively saved due to the high vehicle availability. In total, more than 10,000,000 operating hours speak in favor of HUBTEX glass transport systems.

Task areas

Maintaining a clear overview – even with complex requirements
HUBTEX M series electric multidirectional sideloaders
HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader picking up glass

Electric multidirectional sideloader M series

The modular system for our electric multidirectional sideloader offers many variants. Almost all the features of the HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloader can be flexibly adapted to the application requirements. M series vehicles store glass packs on floor bearers to increase storage density and therefore raise storage capacity. In addition, M series vehicles are used for order picking, with the glass packs retrieved and placed on dispatch stillages.

Glass stillages safely transported
GTR 330 glass frame transporter from HUBTEX
the HUBTEX GTR 330 with L stillage
End caps of the GTR from HUBTEX

GTR glass frame transporter

HUBTEX GTR glass frame transporters transport typical inloader stillages.
In general, HUBTEX glass frame transporters are used in the flat-glass industry for the transport of A and L stillages of up to 92,600 lbs. These transporters can be used for indoor or combined indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on your requirements, we will develop an individual glass transport system for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

Safe handling of up to 50 tons of glass
HUBTEX GTT glass frame transporter in operation

GTT glass frame transporter

HUBTEX offers the GTT series for the in-house transport of A and L stillages with feet for load capacities up to 110,000 lbs. The glass stillage is picked up by driving under it and lifting the platform. The advantages of this vehicle lie in its compact design and the resulting excellent maneuverability with the smallest turning radius. Depending on your requirements, we will develop an individual glass transport system for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.


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Glass frame transporter GTR

Safe, ergonomic and cost-efficient: Hubtex launches a new generation of glass frame transporters for the flat glass industry. The new GTR models reliably transport A and L glass racks weighing between 15 and 42 t. Thanks to their modular design, the vehicles can be optimally tailored to the needs of their users. The new series of the manufacturer of custom-made industrial devices convinces with an improved energy balance. Customers benefit from longer uptime and lower operating costs. As a result, they have the highest flexibility through their use in three-shift operation.