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GTR glass frame transporter


With its energy-efficient, low-noise and powerful electric drive, the GTI glass frame transporter from HUBTEX achieves load capacities of up to 42 tons.  The elevated driver position provides the best possible visibility and highest safety standard during operation. The ergonomic cab entry with non-slip steps and handrail helps to protect the safety of the operator. The synchronous vertical lift of the frame eliminates displacement and ensures maximum precision during the lifting movement. The strengthened glass clamps with ultrasonic sensors prevent glass breaking and other damage during transport. We offer an optimized tire alternative based on how the vehicle is used.


A remote maintenance system is available for most HUBTEX electric glass frame transporters. The IoT solution transfers important vehicle data, such as fault codes and battery charge status, to a cloud. In the event of a sideloader malfunction, HUBTEX engineers access the truck’s data directly and provide fast assistance. Users benefit from maximum machine availability and minimized production downtime. Retrofitting on used vehicles is also possible.


The frame is lifted safely, precisely and without offset thanks to the special vertical stroke. To prevent damage to the glass panes during transport, they are held in place by four hydraulic safety devices. The ultrasonic sensors mounted on each claw prevent excessive pressure from being exerted on the glass package to be transported. This reduces glass breakage to a minimum.


Task and load profile for GTR glass frame transporter
the HUBTEX GTR 330 with LES stillage

HUBTEX glass frame transporters are used in the plate glass industry for the transport of inloader stillages in A and L form of up to 42 tons. The glass stillage is picked up by synchronous lifting the chassis. The special vertical lift guarantees secure and precise lifting of the stillage, without displacement. The glass sheets are secured during transport by four hydraulic clamps. Outsized load and drive wheels in polyurethane or as soft tires allow for use in different in-house environments.

Customized GTR transporters for special applications
the GTR stillages for glass transport
the folding rails of the GTR
the adjustable load bed of the HUBTEX GTR
the adjustable load bed of the HUBTEX GTR
Special design of the GTR

Depending on your requirements, we will develop an individual glass transport system for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

Glass clamps
the horizontal claws of the HUBTEX GTR
the vertical claws of the HUBTEX GTR
third pair of claws on the HUBTEX GTR

Horizontal standard glass clamps for minimum glass heights of 2400 mm. Optionally available are vertical glass clamps with increased retention force at minimum glass heights of 1600 mm. The ultrasonic sensors mounted on each clamp pad prevent pressure on the glass pack. We also offer a third pair of clamp pads as an option. With this feature, LES glass stillages can be secured and transported in the middle of the lift truck.

Safety and assistance systems
the anti-collision scanner
the camera as an assistant for ideal load handling
The sensors of the GTR on the stillage stop
GTR sensors on the vehicle’s claws

A comprehensive range of safety and assistance systems completes the configuration of the glass frame transporter. For example, camera systems, anti-collision scanners and specially integrated sensors are used to prevent glass breakage and to increase safety for personnel.

Driver's stand and operation
Entrance to the GTR 330 glass transporter from HUBTEX
the spacious cab on the HUBTEX GTR
the driver’s stand on the HUBTEX GTR

The GTR is equipped with steps, making entry very ergonomic. The lift trucks are available with a driver's stand with 2 control panels, one of which can be moved to both sides for better visibility when driving with a glass stillage in place, or with a closed sit-down cab for combined indoor and outdoor use. Typical features such as heating, windscreen wipers etc. are available as options.

The operation of all hydraulic functions as well as the pre-selection of the direction of travel is carried out sensitively and with absolute precision via the modern generation of joysticks developed by HUBTEX. The desired movements can be made quickly and safely without having to constantly change grip. The HIT information terminal provides information about all operating conditions of the sideloader. The multifunctional display provides the driver with all the information on the lift height, speed and battery status of the GTR in a clear graphic display.

Tire equipment
The load wheel of the HUBTEX GTR glass transporter in PU version
the load wheels of the HUBTEX GTR with EL tires

For applications on smooth industrial floors, we use HUBTEX polyurethane tires (PU). Alternatively, we offer soft tires optimized to your application.

Battery and charging technology
HUBTEX Li-ion battery

Choosing the appropriate battery and charging technology is a crucial factor for energy-efficient and cost-effective operation. A wide range of different battery types and chargers is available for HUBTEX lift trucks. We first analyze your application and then recommend the appropriate battery size based on this. In addition to a wide selection of different types of lead-acid battery, all series of our multidirectional sideloaders are also available with lithium-ion batteries.

We know the best solution.

We know that the handling of glass frames presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.

Stillage handling of the HUBTEX GTR on the stacker

Stillage handling on the stacker is also one of the tasks of the HUBTEX GTR.

the HUBTEX GTR 330 with L stillage

L stillages can also be transported with the HUBTEX GTR.

the HUBTEX GTR 330 with LES stillage

the HUBTEX GTR can also operate LES stillages.

Technical data

Type description Type Series Load capacity (t) Load handling Tire equipment Engine
GTR 170 4036 up to 42 Frame transport PU/EL Diesel/Electric
GTR 300 4012/4013/4015/4016/4017/4030/4031
GTR 330 4012/4013/4015/4016/4017/4031/4037