MaxX 60 Vorstellung

Lateral transport with space-saving potential: the new MaxX 60 from HUBTEX
Handling of long goods in the load capacity range between 5 and 6 t


HUBTEX is expanding its MaxX series with a new model – the MaxX 60 electric multidirectional sideloader. The model is designed for handling long goods with a load capacity between 5 and 6 t both indoors and outdoors. The MaxX series incorporates the most popular features of the Phoenix electric multidirectional sideloader, yet maintains an attractive price-performance ratio. The MaxX 60 is therefore a cost-effective alternative to older diesel vehicles, particularly when used for loading and unloading trucks.

The MaxX 60 is strategically designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications in long goods handling, for indoor or outdoor use. When developing the new model, HUBTEX focused on optimizing outdoor performance. The aim was also to create a truck that could navigate tight contours in narrow environments. The configuration therefore includes large tires and high ground clearance – both of which are essential for outdoor use. At the same time, the new MaxX 60 has a compact load bed height so that the rack capacity can be optimally utilized when moving between rack aisles indoors.

"By combining a high ground clearance of 185 mm, large elastic tires, and a reduced load bed height of 535 mm, the MaxX 60 can make optimal use of the storage space inside while remaining as versatile as possible outside. This was our aim during development, as the option to use the industrial truck both indoors and outdoors is very important to our customers," explains Michael Röbig, authorized representative and head of product management at HUBTEX.

Another special feature of the new MaxX model is its drive. The industrial truck is equipped with two powerful 7 kW electric motors, which ensure impressive driving performance (even on inclines) – an important feature for outdoor use. The ergonomically equipped cabin, which proved popular with previous models, is also maintained in the MaxX 60. The cabin is optimized for a high level of driver comfort and clear all-round view. The alignment of the lift mast also increases the visibility. The design is tailored precisely to the load capacity range of the MaxX 60.


Optional 360° HX steering available with the MaxX 60

Users of the MaxX 60 don't have to forego the patented HX 360° steering. The steering is available as an option and allows smooth changes in direction from lengthwise to crosswise or circular travel without stopping. The HX steering is particularly popular for block storage of bulky panel materials, but also has other advantages. For example, it significantly reduces wheel wear as the wheels no longer turn on the spot.

The MaxX 60 is the perfect addition to the HUBTEX MaxX series. The entry-level MaxX series was previously available in three versions with a load capacity of 3 to 4.5 t. The trucks impress with high quality and performance combined with an attractive price-performance ratio. The trucks in the MaxX series combine the most popular and best-selling features of the HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders. They provide a good alternative to older diesel trucks in the affordable entry-level range. "If users want a truck that can be customized further, we are also happy to advise on our PhoeniX series," explains Röbig. With an almost endless number of possible combinations (application-specific fork carriage designs, cabins, lift masts, and individual equipment options), the PhoeniX modular system can be used to create a perfectly customized HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader.


We will be happy to advise you on the right multidirectional sideloader for your application

Further information on the MAXX 60 you can find here.

MaxX 60 mit ausgefahrenem Hubmast

HUBTEX MaxX 60 mit ausgefahrenem Hubmast.

MaxX 60 Kabinen-Innenausstattung

HUBTEX MaxX 60 Kabinen-Innenausstattung.

HUBTEX MaxX 60 Kabine

Kabine von HUBTEX MaxX 60.

MaxX 60 niedriger Kabineneinstieg

HUBTEX MaxX 60 niedriger Kabineneinstieg.

MaxX 60 Vorstellung
MaxX 60 vor HUBTEX-Logo

HUBTEX MaxX 60 steht vor HUBTEX-Logo.