Muldentransporter von HUBTEX



For waste disposal logistics, special equipment manufacturer Hubtex initially provides three basic versions. These variants differ in the type of load suspension, either via lifting gear, lifting rail or fork mounting. All vehicles can be equipped with an electric, diesel or gas engine depending on the application. In the Koblenz sewage treatment plant, for example, an electrically operated dump truck type CT-E 140 with lifting gear facilitates the logistical processes in the container terminal and outdoors.

First site: Koblenz sewage treatment plant
In the container hall in Koblenz, the 14-ton dump truck picks up the 3,400 x 1,600 x 1,450 mm skips and drives them to their destination at a lifting height of 300 mm. The low construction and lifting height of the special unit was an important criterion for the operator of the sewage treatment plant, because it was possible to avoid a cost-intensive conversion of the chain conveyor system. Another advantage of the solution is its 3-wheel chassis, which provides more stability during transport. Even in poor ground conditions, the vehicle keeps ground contact and brings the troughs safely to the destination. Due to the selected chassis design, no additional drive has to be placed under the driver's cab, making the cabin height low. In addition, the driver's seat is arranged at 90 degrees to the load. As a result, the cabin is in an optimal position with low entry height and good visibility while driving and during load-bearing. For use on concrete, cobblestones and asphalt, the vehicle also has PU-soft tires. In the container hall, this also simplifies the crossing of heavy-duty gratings, thereby protecting the driver's back, together with the vibration-dampened cab.

Muldentransport mit einem HUBTEX Gerät

Die Muldentransporter von HUBTEX können sowohl innen als auch außen verfahren werden.

Muldentransporter von HUBTEX

Der Muldentransporter von HUBTEX beim Einsatz in einem Klärwerk. Alle Fahrzeuge von HUBTEX können individuell auf die Kundenwünsche, beispielsweise zu befördernde Last, Gangbreite, Hubhöhe etc. angepasst werden.

Ein HUBTEX Containertransporter im Transportprozess.

Der Containertransporter hat den Container mithilfe eines Hebegeschirrs aufgenommen und verfährt ihn nun innerbetrieblich.

Ein Muldentransporter im Außeneinsatz.

Der Containertransporter handelt einen Container im Außeneinsatz.

Der Muldentransporter mit aufgenommener Mulde.

Die Mulde wird mithilfe des Muldentransporters an ihre Position gebracht und dort befüllt.