Titelbild EZK von HUBTEX
Order picking
on both sides
of the rack
High rate
of turnover
Narrow rack
aisle width

Electric two-sided order picking platform

with vacuum suction device


The electric two-sided order picking platforms of the EZK series are solely order picking platforms. Whether as the 2-mast or scissor lift version, they enable the picking of high-quality sheet materials. The goods can be easily picked from either side of the rack aisle.

EZK two-sided order pickers 

In order to pick wood sheets quickly and without damage, manufacturers and dealers need an order picking system adapted to the individual requirements of the respective warehouse. With the help of a vehicle concept especially adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer, all operational requirements can be mapped with the order picking platforms.
In its basic version, the platform solution from HUBTEX is suitable for picking wood sheets, chipboard or wood decors on both sides of a rack aisle. Two operators stand on the platform and pick the material manually. In this case, the material is stored using multidirectional sideloaders. In the next expansion stage, the vehicles can optionally be equipped with vacuum suction technology that protects the material and facilitates the storage of complete packs in the racking system as well as the direct transfer of the packs to the next production stage. Consequently, no additional lift truck is required to unload the goods, meaning that the rack aisles can be particularly narrow if required.



The use of our vacuum suction technology eliminates the need for a second forklift for unloading, as the picked goods can be transferred directly to the next production step. The vacuum suction technology also reduces picking damage to the goods, as any friction with other packages is eliminated.


2-mast version
The electric two-side order picking platform as a 2-mast version

The 2-mast version of the HUBTEX order picking platform is especially characterized by its low platform height. This offers benefits when accessing the lowest rack level.

Scissor lift version
The electric two-side order picking platform as a scissor lift version

In contrast to the 2-mast version, the advantage of the scissor lift version is its shorter overall length. For this reason, order picking platforms with a scissor lift system can be operated in significantly narrower spaces. Thus, the width of the transfer aisle can be reduced.

Multidirectional steering
Control terminal of an electric two-side order picking platform from HUBTEX

HUBTEX sets innovative standards with the HX multidirectional steering system. Using the optionally available omnidirectional steering system enables the trucks to change without stopping from longitudinal to transverse drive. This reduces the time needed to switch wheels, provides excellent maneuverability and has the added benefit of significantly reducing wear.

Control station
Driver’s stand on an electric two-side order picking platform

You can choose different variants for operating the vehicle. It can be equipped with one or two control stations. When equipped with two control stations per vehicle, the advantage is the best possible overview in each driving direction. Moreover, the operator can choose between two different configurations of the control station. Standing, in main driving direction or seated, facing the load (only in combination with a personal protection system).

Telescopic tables
The electric two-side order picker with telescopic tables

HUBTEX two-sided order pickers can be optionally equipped with telescopic tables for the transfer of the completed consignment. This means that a finished pack can be passed to a transfer station on either side of the vehicle.

Scissor lift
Scissor lift on an electric multidirectional order picking platform

As an option, the HUBTEX order picking platform can be equipped with a scissor lift on the platform to facilitate the ergonomic picking of goods. Thus, the stacking height on the vehicle can be individually adjusted, avoiding unnecessary bending or stooping by the operator.

Vacuum suction device
The electric two-side order picking platform with vacuum suction technology

The transport of high-quality sheet materials requires maximum precision. The vacuum suction device is used in combination with the EZK two-sided order picking platform to ergonomically remove sheets from the rack compartments. Employees are no longer required to push the items out of the rack compartment onto the platform – thus reducing material damage to a minimum.

The HUBTEX EZK 20 electric two-side order picking platform

Perfectly thought out: The integrated 2-mast system allows entry even into very narrow order picking aisles. 

The electric two-side order picking platform with trimming drums

Direct handling from two sides in one rack aisle is a great advantage of the EZK series from HUBTEX. Depending on the application, individual equipment variants can be added, such as the trimming drums shown here for immediate processing of the order picking.    

HUBTEX electric two-side order picking platform in the 2-mast version

The electric two-sided order picking platform facilitates the order picking of sheets from 600 mm to 2100 mm deep. The goods can be easily picked from both sides of the rack aisle.

EZK electric two-side order picking platform from HUBTEX

For wholesalers in the timber industry with a high turnover of goods, the EZK electric two-sided order picker with vacuum suction device is ideal. This EZK can stack entire sheet packs from the transfer station in the racking system on both sides of the aisle, as well as pick individual sheets with the help of the vacuum suction device.

EZK Vacumax from HUBTEX

Several bellows suction cups ensure damage-free order picking. If there is dust on one of the sheets, this is removed at the push of a button with the integrated blow-off device. 


Series Load capacity (t) Load bed width (mm) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Load bed opening RA (mm) Tire equipment (optional) Battery voltage Cab (optional)
EZK (scissors) 3.0 to 10.0 600 to 2500 up to 10000 up to 7000               --- PU / EL 80 V Driver’s stand
EZK (lift mast) 3.0 to 10.0 600 to 2500 up to 10000 up to 8000               --- PU / EL 80 V Driver’s stand
EZK + Vacumax Can be attached to both EZK variants depending on the application requirements
EZK + AGV Automation on request