EZK Order Picking Systems


Model EZK pickers are pure order picking platforms. Whether as twin mast or scissor lift version - order picking of up to 8 m long profiles or sheet stock which is between 600 mm and 2100 mm deep can be performed with these systems. The goods can be easily picked from either side of the rack aisle.

The twin mast version distinguishes itself by its especially low platform height. The platform height of the scissor lift version is greater. The advantage of the scissor lift version is its shorten overall chassis length.

A load shifting device is optionally available for both models to facilitate the removal of the order-picked goods by a separate fork-lift truck.

Operation and use:
One-man or two-man

Load bearing classes:
2,000 to 10,000 kg

Lifting height:
up to 10,000 mm

Aisle width:
at least 2700 mm / maximum aisle width conditional upon load depth. (if guided: 150 mm safety clearance per side)

Order picking rate:
based on 3 sheets per pick stop
450 sheets/day
2,250 sheets/week
9,000 sheets/month