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Long load order pickers

for profiles and pipes


HUBTEX offers a wide range of solutions for the picking of aluminum, plastic or steel profiles, strips and pipes. We recommend our MU-OP and MU-SO models for small and medium turnover rates. These two models are specially designed for picking long profiles and pipes, mostly in guided narrow aisles. These vehicles combine the advantages of a multidirectional sideloader with the options of manual order picking in very narrow aisles. 
Our electric multidirectional sideloaders with removable order picking platform offer even greater flexibility, but with a larger aisle width. As multidirectional sideloaders without a platform, these can transport and store loads and pick individual profiles with a platform. 
Another variant for applications with a high rate of turnover is the EZK order picking platform. These vehicles are particularly suitable for applications with a high rate of turnover, as they can pick from both sides of a rack aisle. 

Grafik des Langgutkommissionierprozesses mit und ohne HUBTEX

Optimal use of resources 

The use of HUBTEX order pickers increases efficiency when handling long and bulky goods in narrow aisles. HUBTEX follows the principle of bringing the operator to the goods. This reduces the work effort and prevents damage to the goods. 


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Our order pickers with electric drive can be divided into three different product groups.


These models are specially designed for picking profiles and pipes in narrow aisles. At the same time, these trucks can be used as conventional electric multidirectional sideloaders for the stacking of complete packs. 

Sideloader stores aluminum in high rack
ESTL with order picking platform
ESTL | PHOENIX with removable order picking platform

Our conventional electric multidirectional sideloader can be extended with a detachable platform. When stacking, the multidirectional sideloader is controlled as usual from the cab. For order picking, all functions are controlled directly from the platform. 


Electric multidirectional order picking platform

Model EZK trucks are pure order picking platforms. Whether in the 2-mast or scissor lift version: the picking of profiles up to 8 m in length is possible with these vehicles on both sides of the aisle.  

HUBTEX EZK order picking

Whitepaper: Order picking in the wood industry

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