29.03.2018 | Hubtex sideloader all set for Industry 4.0

New information terminal with extended range of functions

Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH is equipping its electric multidirectional sideloaders with a new information terminal. The leading manufacturer of purpose-built forklifts, sideloaders and specialized equipment is maintaining its push towards Industry 4.0 with the further development of the Hubtex Information Terminal (HIT2). HIT3 boasts numerous functions which simplify the digital networking of vehicles with the entire warehouse infrastructure. The complete documentation of all operating data, for instance, uncovers the potential for optimisation within the warehouse. There is also the option to control various assistance systems, such as the Hubtex Load Manager for more efficient warehouse and order-picking processes, via the new information terminal.

The new HIT3 provides information on all relevant operating conditions and is fitted as standard in all of Hubtex's electric multidirectional sideloaders, FluX and MaxX models as well as in many of the manufacturer's special-purpose vehicles. The multifunctional display with its new visualisation system provides the driver with complete information on wheel positions, speed and the battery power level of the sideloader in a simple graphic display. In comparison with its predecessor model, the new Hubtex Information Terminal has many improved features. For example, access to the sideloader can be controlled directly at the terminal using a personalised code. Companies are thus able to ensure that only authorised personnel and trained employees can drive the vehicles. 

Integration of numerous assistance systems

If required, Hubtex can also link the new information terminal up to its own predictive maintenance solution via a modem. This allows all relevant data to be remotely monitored and interpreted in a predictive manner. Maintenance can thus be conducted at an early stage to ensure the vehicle remains functional for as long as possible. The new model also offers the possibility to integrate numerous assistance systems which previously had to be controlled via a separate display. This includes, for instance, semi-automatic vehicle positioning, which allows the driver to drive up to the pre-programmed shelf position in a semi-automated fashion at the touch of the button. This accelerates storage and retrieval processes considerably and enables the possibility of connecting with warehouse management systems. The semi-automated vehicle positioning and the integration of the Hubtex Load Manager also increases occupational safety, while the risk of damage is significantly reduced when storing and retrieving goods.  

HIT3 paves the way to smart data


HIT3 features a USB port, among other connections, which can be used for software updates. With a memory stick in the USB port, HIT3 assumes the function of a data logger. This enables the full tracking of physical data, such as distance covered, journey time, loading weight and downtime. The information collected can be used to enhance the efficiency of internal warehouse processes. The extended range of battery management functions ensures optimised energy storage efficiency, extends the lifetime of the batteries and allows for continual monitoring of the battery power level. HIT3 also features a fork tilt level indicator and an automated fork levelling system to guarantee precise operations. All processes are intuitively controlled via eight illuminated haptic control buttons or via the touch display available as an optional extra. The higher resolution of the TFT colour display not only ensures a user-friendly visual display but also improved camera integration. The 14.5 cm display thus ensures that even critical areas can be constantly monitored.