Pic 1: Soft elastic tires especially for outdoor use on rough grounds

Pic 2: Optimal panorama view due to removal of mast-side cabin column

Pic 3: Stand-up cabin with more free moving space for the driver

Pic 4: With the cross seat cabin „blind spots“ are reduced by hydraulic covers

Pic 5: Simple battery changing due to low installation height - possible with a low lift platform truck

Pic 6: The control elements are clearly arranged and can be easily reached by the driver

Pic 7: Simple maneuverability in narrow aisles due to the multidirectional steering

Pic 8: The best suitable application is the handling of long loads

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

The Electric-Multidirectional-Sideloader (three-wheel) is the new entry-level variant of Electric-Multidirectional-Sideloaders with elastic tyres for combined indoor and outdoor use. This industrial truck has been designed as a universal lift truck with a multidirectional steering system for handling pallets, long loads and loads of medium weight in narrow aisles and it is, for example, used in do-it-yourself stores, at profile and window manufacturers and many others.

  • Load capacities up to 3,0 t
  • Cross-seat or stand-up cabin
  • Minimum noise generation
  • Simple battery changing
  • Low cabin access heights
  • Optimal all-round visibility
  • Low energy consumption

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