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Tire toolS

Handling tools in the tire industry require high load capacities with compact truck dimensions. Our customers’ optimized processes often require the transport of heavier loads with larger dimensions. In contrast, the size of the aisles often remains the same. 
In such cases, conventional industrial trucks often reach their limits. By fulfilling individual customer requirements, HUBTEX vehicles not only deliver the greatest possible benefits, but also increase productivity within the company.

Task areas

Very high load capacities – unchanged exterior dimensions
HUBTEX reach truck operating in the tire industry
HUBTEX reach truck in the tire industry

Electric reach truck (SQ) 

Thanks to its size, the HUBTEX reach truck can also be used in aisles of the same width as conventional reach trucks.Thanks to its significantly higher load capacities, it puts other lift trucks in the shade. The energy-efficient control allows for long battery service times.


Specialist for the handling of heavy tools in the tire industry
HUBTEX reach truck with special attachment in the tire industry

Electric compact frontloader (GQ)

Specially designed for the tire industry, the HUBTEX GQ electric compact frontloader can transport heavy tools up to 10 tons. The vehicle can be optimally adapted to the respective application with different load attachments.


Continental in Brazil relies on HUBTEX

Tire building drums and molds are often moved at high load centers. For this purpose, the vehicles must be equipped with special attachments for individual load handling. The same also applies to Continental in Brazil. The tire manufacturer opted for a HUBTEX electric compact frontloader (GQ) for the handling of tools. 
“HUBTEX developed a vehicle specifically for our needs,” summed up Continental. 


... Der Reifenhersteller entschied sich für einen HUBTEX Elektro-Kompakt-Frontstapler (GQ) für das Handling von Werkzeugen. 
„HUBTEX hat uns ein Fahrzeug speziell für unsere Anforderungen entwickelt“, resümierte Continental.