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If predominantly doors are stored and handled in a warehouse, it is often a good idea to purchase a vehicle that specializes in this application. Our multidirectional sideloaders and our door order pickers complement each other ideally for this application. The multi-directional frontloader handles and stores entire door packs and frames. As soon as certain doors are required for a customer order, our multidirectional door order picker can pick individual doors and frames directly from the racking and prepare them for shipping.
We also supply similar special-purpose vehicles to window manufacturers. Here we offer solutions for the commissioning of plastic profiles in window construction or handling systems for stillages on which glass or windows are stored. 

Task areas

Transport and storage of doors
HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader in a rack aisle

The electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

When storing doors in racking systems, loads must be transported quickly, efficiently and gently. The company's industry-specific expertise has enabled HUBTEX to develop customer-specific solutions with special optimization effects. The HUBTEX lift trucks are often used in narrow aisles. The electric multidirectional sideloaders take over the stacking and retrieval of full packs in the racking. The lift trucks are equipped with all proven HUBTEX standards, such as two-piece articulated chassis frames, robust lift masts, ergonomic workstations and the HUBTEX information terminal, but at the same time are perfectly designed to meet the requirements for handling doors. 


Order picking solutions for the door trade and door manufacturers
HUBTEX MK order picker
The MK order picking platform in operation

The MK electric multidirectional doors order picker

The rising cab makes the multidirectional order picking trucks suitable for picking of individual door profiles and wooden frames directly from the racking. In the 1-man version, the standup cab is positioned centrally in front of the mast, while in the 2-man version the cabs are configured next to the lift mast. 


Order picking solutions for profiles in window manufacturing
If required, multidirectional sideloaders can be equipped with a detachable order picking platform.
The HUBTEX MQ 30 with attached picking platform

Electric multidirectional sideloader with removable order picking platform KP

Plastic, aluminum or wooden profiles are often stored in cassettes in the block one above the other or in cantilever racking. The HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders can be quickly converted into an order picking vehicle with the addition of a platform. For example, they can be used for stacking in the morning and order picking in the afternoon. The benefit of this is significant investment in a second order picking vehicle can be saved, yet a complete order picking system is still available.  

Handling stillages containing glass or windows
The electric multidirectional sideloader handling glass stillages

Handling stillages containing glass or windows

Glass sheets are often stored on A or L stillages for easier transport. Due to the lateral lifting of these stillages, multidirectional sideloaders offer significant benefits as the view in the main direction of travel is not blocked in comparison with frontloaders. This is a real safety benefit for the user. In addition, the aisle widths can be reduced to a minimum by using multidirectional sideloaders.  


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HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts optimize warehouse at Bos Dynamics

Bos Dynamics is a logistics company from Ede in the Netherlands. The company transports extra-long parts, such as garage doors, fences, sliding doors, verandas and more to Germany, Belgium, France and Austria. More than 100 vehicles and just as many employees ensure that the goods reach the customer safely and on time. How do the Hubtex multi-directional forklifts help?


The hagebau central warehouse in Westerkappeln near Osnabrück depends on fast handling and customer-oriented order picking. Several HUBTEX devices are significantly involved in this: An electric two-side order picking platform of type MK runs a full eight-hour shift. In addition, these vehicles are supported by a multi-directional sideloader handling whole packages.

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