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HUBTEX vehicles offer you a wide range of transport solutions for coils. We use various solutions to adapt the vehicle to the specific requirements of our customers. Whether the coils are to be picked up in a standing, lying or suspended position, we can offer you the right solution. The spectrum ranges from platform vehicles through electric multidirectional sideloaders to heavy-duty compact forklifts.

Task areas

Transport of heavy loads in confined spaces
HUBTEX DKS im Einsatz beim Coilhandling
Kompaktstapler von HUBTEX
HUBTEX Schwerlast Kompaktstapler

The heavy-duty compact forklift from HUBTEX

The HUBTEX RoxX compact forklift with electric drive transports sheet metal, aluminum or copper coils weighing up to 25 tons. The compact forklift is characterized by its very compact external dimensions, in comparison with competing products. In particular, the patented steering system ensures minimum turning radii, thereby enabling more storage space to be used.


Modular system – Your load is guaranteed to be transported safely
Plattformwagen mit Coil
Plattformwagen mit Coil

The platform truck from HUBTEX

The HUBTEX platform trucks and heavy-duty transport systems are particularly suitable for the in-house transport of very heavy loads. The platform trucks can be individually adapted for the respective application. A wide range of chassis and operating concepts is available as well as different concepts for automation of these vehicles. In this regard, our SFB platform trucks find their perfect use in coil transport.


Exceptional design for exceptional transport tasks
Elektro-Zugkopf in der Blechindustrie
Elektro-Zugkopf in der Blechindustrie

Electric towing tractor with gooseneck

The HUBTEX electric towing tractor with hydraulic gooseneck is suitable for handling cargo trailers when coils are to be transported frequently, quickly and reliably. The vehicles are individually adapted to the customer's wishes, guaranteeing an optimal dovetailing of the in-house processes.


All-round talent
Schmalgang Coilhandling von HUBTEX
HUBTEX ESTL beim Coiltransport
HUBTEX ESTL im Schmalgang
Coilaufnahme im Regal durch einen ESTL von HUBTEX
Coilaufnahme durch einen ESTL von HUBTEX
ESTL im Coillager

The electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

The HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloader is a true multitasker. It can be used in almost every sector. Whether in the basic version, with assistance systems or as a fully automated transport system, the electric multidirectional sideloader can be used for almost all application scenarios.


The “heavy” in the business
Spezialhubmast für Coils
Schwerlast-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler von HUBTEX

The heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader

Our “power packs” are particularly suited to the universal transport of a wide variety of coil variants. All possible loads – whether very heavy or bulky – can be transported using a heavy-duty electric multidirectional sideloader. It can also be used in narrow aisles or freely both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the models within the series can be adapted to suit all individual customer requirements.


Specialist in its class
Coiltransporter von HUBTEX im Inneneinsatz
Coiltransporter von HUBTEX
Coilhandling von HUBTEX

The coil transporter from HUBTEX

The HUBTEX coil transporter is the specialist when it comes to the internal handling of coils for feeding production machines and conveyor systems. Due to its very compact design, this vehicle can also be used with minimal space requirements. The coil transporters are configured individually for each customer.


Agile and compact
Schubmaststapler von HUBTEX
Schubmaststapler Coils
Schubmaststapler in engen Gängen mit Coils

The reach truck from HUBTEX

The HUBTEX SQ reach truck is characterized by its compact design combined with its high load capacity of up to 6 tons. Thanks to its size, the reach truck can also be used in aisles of the same width as conventional reach trucks. Handling heavy coils is child's play with our reach truck. Thanks to its significantly higher load capacities, it puts other lift trucks in the shade. In addition, the energy-efficient control system enables long battery operating times.


We know the best solution.

We know that handling heavy loads in confined spaces presents special challenges for users. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.


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