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The utmost care is taken when transporting products in the food industry. The HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders, for example, are used to transport heavy loads in high racks. The HUBTEX inloaders with load capacities of up to 12 tons are, on the other hand, used for conventional transport in the food industry.

Task areas

Transport of heavy cheese boxes in high-bay warehouses
HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader in the food industry

Electric multidirectional sideloader 

The electric multidirectional sideloader is particularly suited to handling cheese stillages in high-bay racking. The stillages are lifted between the load bed, ensuring that the view from the cab to the rack compartment is not blocked. 
High efficiency and low energy consumption characterize the electric multidirectional sideloader.

Within the respective series, the stackers can be adapted to individual customer requirements. All equipment options from the modular system are available for this vehicle. 
As it is designed to operate for long periods of time, the electric multidirectional sideloader is optimally suited for the food industry. 


Effective time and cost savings thanks to innovative apple crate transporter from HUBTEX
HUBTEX apple crate transporter from above
HUBTEX apple crate transporter during transport
HUBTEX apple crate transporter lifting a load


A new development of HUBTEX is the inloader with a load capacity of 12 tons. This weight means that up to 28 apple crates can be transported at once. The device is available both as an electric vehicle and with a diesel or gas drive. Consequently, it can be used both indoors or outdoors. 
The load is picked up by synchronous lifting of the chassis with the lifting rail. The special vertical lift guarantees secure and accurate lifting of the stillage, without displacement. 
Four hydraulic clamps hold the load in place during transport.


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Cono Kaasmakers

Beemster cheese from the Netherlands is a recognized quality product, logically the producer Cono Kaasmakers also relied on quality for the material flow. It was a replacement for 10-year-old, repair-prone forklifts. "We tried it test-wise with a HUBTEX device, which we leased for months," Henk J. Maaijen of the Technical Department at Cono Kaasmakers says. After the specially made HUBTEX electric multi-directional sideloader MQ 30 ran successfully, now a second identical device has been ordered.