Titelbild Branchenseite Kabeltrommel HUBTEX

Drum transport

HUBTEX cable drum transporters are specially designed for the handling of heavy coils for cable and pipe systems with a load capacity up to 60 tons and are always specified to the respective application. Drums with a diameter of 5 m and a width of up to 3.5 m can be handled. The transporters are designed for indoor use and combinable outdoor use.
The special requirements include the high point load due to the small contact area of the coil flanges, the different coil widths and the individual warehouse situation.

Load handling variants

Swivel-mounted pick-up traverse
Der HUBTEX Trommeltransporter mit schwenkbarer Aufnahmetraverse
Trommelaufnahme über schwenkbare Aufnahmetraverse

HUBTEX drum transporter with swivel-mounted pick-up traverse

With our drum transporter with swivel-mounted pick-up traverse, the load is pulled onto the pick-up ramp of the vehicle with the aid of cables and bolts.

Pick-up prism with frame lift
Der HUBTEX Trommeltransporter mit Aufnahmeprisma und Rahmenhub
Trommel wird vom Fahrzeug gehoben

HUBTEX drum transporter with pick-up prism and frame lift

To pick up the load, it is completely straddled by the drum transporter, which then encloses it and finally lifts it using the integrated lift in the frame.

Lifting spindles
Last wird durch Pinolen aufgenommen
Der HUBTEX Trommeltransporter mit hebbaren Pinolen

HUBTEX drum transporter with lifting spindles

Once the vehicle has straddled the drum, the spindles are inserted into the hub bore of the drum and the drum is then finally lifted.


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Pipe transporter used at Brugg

Owing to the pipe drums having become heavier, both the old special transporters in use at Brugg Rohrsysteme (Switzerland) had reached their limit. The susceptibility to breakdowns increased, the downtimes were longer as well and the productivity was unsatisfactory. Therefore, Brugg commissioned the specialist from Fulda, Hubtex, to find a new solution in the form of a special machine for moving up to 12 t of heavy pipe drums. Just six months passed from the first idea, through the intermediate in-spection and up to final shipment.

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