HUBTEX MaxX handling aluminum


From electric multi-directional sideloaders to heavy duty transport vehicles - HUBTEX offers its customers a wide range of products for various handling tasks. Whether long goods, heavy loads or plates, we find the right solution for every customer. And thanks to the HUBTEX modular principle, the right vehicles can be put together for every challenge.

Electric multidirectional sideloaders
ESTL link image
Diesel/gas fourway sideloaders
Diesel/gas fourway sideloader from HUBTEX link
Electric multidirectional counterbalance forklifts
Electric multidirectional counterbalance forklifts
Order picking long loads
HUBTEX long goods order picking
Order picking sheets
Picking sheets with HUBTEX
Glass transport systems
Glass transport systems from HUBTEX
Air Cargo Vehicles
The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS can also be easily maneuvered in the dark
Aircraft supported by HUBTEX

Second-hand and rental trucks 

Prepared with the know-how of the manufacturer and adapted to your application.

Changing tools
HUBTEX tool changers
Rail-mounted and platform trucks
Platform transporters from HUBTEX
Electric-heavy-duty compact forklift
The heavy-duty compact forklifts transport heavy loads in confined spaces.
Special-purpose vehicles
Special-purpose vehicles from HUBTEX

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