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With the ESTL and PHOENIX modular systems, our sideloaders with multidirectional steering can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers with maximum flexibility. A variety of series with application-specific fork carriage variants, cabs, lift masts and individual equipment options are available for selection for the right solution. The almost infinite number of combinations offered by these series mean that a HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader will always be suitable for its application.

A new generation

In 2019 and 2020, HUBTEX will successively completely overhaul its ESTL electric multidirectional sideloaders. The aim is to replace all electric multidirectional sideloaders with articulated frames with vehicles from the PHOENIX series. If necessary, the electro-hydraulic steering of the vehicle will be replaced with an electric steering system, which will lead to a significant increase in efficiency and reduced noise, especially with wire guidance. The drivers of the sideloaders in the new design benefit from the cab with its ergonomic design and high all-round visibility.

No multidirectional sideloader is more maneuverable

With the HX multidirectional steering system, HUBTEX is setting innovative standards for its core product multidirectional sideloaders with electric drive. Using the optionally available omnidirectional steering system enables the trucks to change without stopping from longitudinal to transverse drive. This lessens the time needed to switch wheels, provides excellent maneuverability and has the added benefit of significantly reducing wear.


With the further development of the HUBTEX Information Terminal, HUBTEX is consistently continuing its journey towards Industry 4.0. As a component of all multidirectional sideloaders, the new HIT3 provides information on all relevant operating conditions. The complete documentation of all operating data enables the system to identify optimization potentials in the warehouse. The multifunctional display with its new visualization provides the driver with all the information on the wheel position, speed and battery status of the sideloader in a simple graphic display. Compared with its predecessor, the new HUBTEX information terminal has numerous improved features.


A remote maintenance system is available for most HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders. The IoT solution transfers important vehicle data, such as fault codes and battery charge status, to a cloud. In the event of a sideloader malfunction, HUBTEX engineers access the truck’s data directly and provide fast assistance. Users benefit from maximum machine availability and minimized production downtime. Retrofitting on used vehicles is also possible.


Cab versions
Lengthwise seat cab of the PhoeniX
Diagonal seat cab with fixed seat
Diagonal seat cab with swivel seat
Diagonal seat cab with swivel seat
The Q850 cross-seat cab of the HUBTEX PhoeniX multidirectional sideloader
The Q850 cross-seat cab of the HUBTEX PhoeniX multidirectional sideloader

Our cab variants and their equipment options are as varied as the requirements of our customers. We offer the appropriate concept for all applications of multidirectional sideloaders, whether it is a generous transverse seating cab with plenty of freedom of movement or a standup cab with excellent all-round visibility for the smallest aisle widths. All cabs have vibration damping. The sprung, multi-adjustable comfort seat ensures fatigue-free, quiet working and protects the driver's health (intervertebral disks).

HIT3 information terminal on the HUBTEX PhoeniX multidirectional sideloader

All main driving and hydraulic functions are controlled from a single ergonomically designed joystick developed by HUBTEX. Desired movements such as lifting, lowering, mast reach, fork tilt and fork positioning can be quickly and safely activated without having to constantly change grip. The HIT3 information terminal provides information about all operating conditions of the sideloader. The multifunctional display provides the driver with all the information on the wheel position, speed and battery status of the fourway sideloader in a clear graphic display.

Tire equipment
Pevopur tire equipment
The polyurethane tires from HUBTEX
Their elastic tires mean that HUBTEX vehicles are suitable for combined indoor and outdoor use.

HUBTEX recommends polyurethane tires (PU) for use on even industrial floors and, optionally, soft elastic tires (EL) for poor ground or floor conditions or for outdoor use to preserve the vehicle components and the driver’s health.

Articulated frame
Our well-known articulated frame on the electric multidirectional sideloaders

The two-piece articulated chassis frame ensures all wheels have permanent contact with the floor. There is immediate compensation for any uneven floor or ground. This protects the components and the health of the operator. Cracks in the chassis frame are excluded.

Lift masts and fork carriages
A Triplex mast on the multidirectional sideloader.
A HUBTEX Simplex mast.
Lift mast on the HUBTEX PhoeniX

The stable and strong lift masts produced in-house score with internal, protected hydraulics and high residual capacity. HUBTEX manufactures different lift masts and fork carriages for the safe and efficient handling of all loads. A hydraulic fork adjusting device and a side shifter are available as options.


Camera systems
Camera monitor from HUBTEX
Camera system from HUBTEX.
The HIT3 Information Terminal from HUBTEX

With large lift heights or unclear drive-in situations, cameras are an important aid for the driver. They increase the safety, improve the driver’s view during stacking and help to cover blind spots. We use camera systems and monitors exclusively from well-known manufacturers and recommend the appropriate camera system depending on the drive-in situation, whether it is to be mounted on the fork, on the fork carriage, the lift mast or is for monitoring the route.  New are our 360° panoramic vision systems.


HUBTEX can offer you forks for every application. As an essential component of the vehicle, they must meet particular requirements. The use of high-quality materials ensures the
lowest possible wear and high load capacities. The realization of special forks is the order of the day.

Track guidance systems
Rack guide rollers of a HUBTEX vehicle.
Guide rails for safe travel in the narrow aisle
Guide rails for safe travel in the narrow aisle
Wire guidance for positioning of the vehicles.
Optical guidance for positioning of the vehicles

HUBTEX offers three different track guidance systems for narrow aisle solutions for the maximum utilization of the available storage space. This means that safety distances can be reduced to 100 mm on each side. Depending on requirements, we recommend mechanical roller guidance via guide rollers, wire and optical track guidance.

Personal protection systems
A personal protection system from HUBTEX.

Our mobile HUBTEX personal protection system is automatically activated when the rack aisle is entered and it permanently monitors the rack aisle by means of two laser scanners. If the laser scanners detect persons or obstacles within the protection field in the aisle, your HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader will be automatically brought to a standstill.

Battery and charging technology
Li-ion battery from HUBTEX
Lead-acid battery from HUBTEX

Choosing the appropriate battery and charging technology is a crucial factor for energy-efficient and cost-effective operation. A wide range of different battery types and chargers is available for HUBTEX lift trucks. We first analyze your application and then recommend the appropriate battery size based on this. In addition to a wide range of different types of lead-acid battery, all series of our multidirectional sideloaders are also available with lithium-ion batteries.



Hubtex has been successively introducing the new PhoeniX platform to the market since 2019. What is the multidirectional forklift PhoeniX from Hubtex?

The new PhoeniX from HUBTEX

Our new development platform Phoenix is an electric multidirectional sideloader which is specially designed for handling long loads in narrow aisles. Within the series, the forklifts can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customers. With HUBTEX sideloaders narrow aisles can be driven through without any problems. The distances between the rack rows can be reduced to a minimum, thus creating additional space for further storage. HUBTEX thus provides increased storage capacity and, as a result, offers optimum utilisation of storage space.
We are planning to replace all electric multidirectional sideloaders with pendulum frame by vehicles of the PhoeniX series. Thus the PhoeniX series will successively replace the vehicles of our proven ESTL modular system. The series limits between 48 V and 80 V will be fluid. With the PhoeniX series, we want to revolutionise our largest modular system for electric multidirectional sideloaders in the industry and offer users new possibilities for efficient handling of long loads. With our additional MaxX and BasiX construction kits, we have the right solution for every application in long-bar handling and the widest product portfolio when it comes to the subject of returnable forklifts. More information about the new Phoenix you can find here.

What is the unique selling point of the PhoeniX modular system?

With our PhoeniX series, a purely electric steering system is available for the first time for a complete electric multidirectional sideloader kit. The steering noises are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the electric steering leads to a significantly lower energy consumption. Users achieve an enormous gain in efficiency when combining the steering system with inductive track guidance. The PhoeniX can be easily manoeuvred in all directions thanks to the optionally available, patented HX steering, which makes the driver's daily work much easier.

Phoenix multi-directional forklift transports wood

In warehouses with narrow aisles, the PhoeniX copes well, ensuring optimum utilization of the available space.

Phoenix Multidirectional Forklift Trucks in the Building Materials Trade

The PhoeniX multi-directional forklift is ideally suited for use in the construction materials trade.

Phoenix the electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

Due to the universal design of our electric multi-directional sideloaders, they can be individually adapted to the places of use.

New Phoenix series of electric multidirectional sideloaders in operation

Due to the almost infinite combination possibilities of these series, a HUBTEX multi directional sideloader always fits its application.

Multi directional forklift PhoeniX transports long loads

For many industries, HUBTEX offers the ideal solution for handling heavy and long loads.


Old meets new - from now on the HUBTEX ESTL becomes the new PhoeniX with even more customization options for the customer.

HUBTEX PhoeniX during the passage of a gate

PhoeniX units are also freely movable, both indoors and outdoors.

PhoeniX cabin with all-round visibility

The new PhoeniX generation offers the best all-round visibility with compact dimensions - so you always have the load and aisle in view.

Technical data

Series Load capacity (t) Load bed width NB (mm) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Load bed opening RA (mm) Tire equipment (optional) Battery voltage (V) Cab (optional) Data Sheet
2120 1.5 to 3.0 600 to 1600 up to 8500 2090 1000 PU / EL 48 Q PDF
2121 1.5 to 3.0 600 to 1800 up to 8500 2760 1340 PU / EL 48 Q/D/L/SU PDF
2125 3.0 to 4.5 800 to 1800 up to 10000 2440 1340 PU / EL 48 V Q PDF
2130 3.0 bis 4.5 600 to 2100 up to 10000 2680/3170/3500 1340/1630/1960 PU / EL 80 Q/D/SU PDF
2131 5,0 bis 7,0 600 bis 2100 bis 12000 2680/3170/3500 1340/1630/1960 PU / EL (up to 5t) 80 Q/D/SU PDF
2140 3.0 to 5.5 600 to 2100 up to 10000 3350/3680 1340/1670 PU 80 L/SU PDF
2150 6.0 to 8.0 800 to 2100 up to 10000 3720/4050/3930/4320 1340/1630/1960 EL 80 Q/QXL/DXL PDF
2132 6.0 to 10.0 800 to 2100 up to 10000 3490/3820 1340/1630/1960 PU/EL 80 Q PDF
2134 12.0 to 20.0 1000 to 2100 up to 10000 4000 1960 PU/EL 80 Q/QXL/DXL PDF
2829 4.5 1000 to 2100 up to 10000   1340/1630/1960 PU/EL 48 Q  
2830 5 1000 to 2100 up to 10000   1340/1630/1960 PU/EL 80 Q