The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX and DIMOS taking on all handling tasks at the airport terminal
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X-Way Mover


From unloading the trucks and placing in storage to loading the goods on the aircraft, there are a number of different vehicles carrying out a variety of tasks in the air cargo sector.
Can you imagine a single vehicle taking over the different tasks in the air cargo sector? With the X-WAY-Mover, the complete ULD handling process from the landside to the airside can be handled. The versatile device of the latest generation is a joint product of the companies HUBTEX from Fulda and DIMOS from Petersberg. The internationally active manufacturers of industrial trucks and special vehicles have been working closely together in the air cargo sector since 2017. Already in 2004 DIMOS designed a combined handling vehicle for the air cargo sector, which has now been extended by functions and thus optimized.

Whitepaper: Transporting air freight at the terminal


The new HX steering (limitless 360° steering) leads to increased manoeuvrability of the vehicles. Even in confined spaces, the X-Way Mover offers optimal manoeuvrability, and
is able to switch from longitudinal to transverse travel without stopping. The patented HX steering results in reduced tyre wear and accelerated work processes. The steering mechanism is also intuitive and easy to use.


The weather-proofed and air-conditioned cabin of the X-Way Mover is designedfor optimal ergonomics. The driver benefits from excellent all-round visibility and increased ease of use. The information terminal has been redesigned and provides important information about the vehicle and its operation. For example, the exact wheel position of
the vehicle can be displayed.


The X-Way Mover is available in different versions depending on requirements. Thanks to its modular design, the X-Way Mover can initially be used in its basic form, for example as a ULD mover, but can be enhanced at any time with additional functions. Thus, the vehicle is individually configurable and can be adapted to changing operating conditions. For example, different platform types can also be selected. If the vehicle is to be used as an Elevating Transfer Vehicle, a platform with friction wheel drive is recommended.
The roller conveyors are then moved asynchronously in the rack system without the need for an external drive for the storing position.


By replacing individual vehicles and stationary equipment such as the Elevating Transfer Vehicle in the terminal, the storage capacities can be doubled or even trebled with the same space requirement. By eliminating the interfaces, the entire work process is optimised and accelerated. The X-Way Mover can remove goods from the truck and transport them directly to the first, second or third rack level for storage. The multi-purpose vehicle offers a complete logistics solution from airside to landside.


Impressive load capacity
The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS ready to transport a ULD

The construction of the vehicles is based on a modular system in which load capacities, lift heights and vehicle widths can be adapted to the particular application in accordance with the IATA standard. The most recent model, the X-Way Mover 140, carries loads up to 14,000 kg and is specially designed to handle 20-ft. ULD containers. The X-Way Mover 70 is suitable for handling 10-ft. ULD containers and has a load capacity of up to 7000 kg. As a result, its outer dimensions are smaller than those of the X-Way Mover 140. Both vehicles have two masts for maximum stability and a platform width of 2500 mm. The lift heights vary between 200 and 7200 mm.

Safe Transport
X-Way Mover in use

The X-Way Mover’s 2500-mm wide platform is equipped with a robust, electro-hydraulic roller deck that can be controlled proportionally. To gently move the ULDs, the rollers on the load transfer side are covered with rubber. Retractable load protection devices prevent the ULDs from slipping. In many terminals, electric front loaders are currently being used to unload and load the trucks. Since these trucks do not have a multidirectional running gear, wider aisles are required. The ULDs are lifted with the forks and moved to the destination – often under tight time constraints. Damage to the goods cannot be prevented in many cases. The X-Way Mover, on the other hand, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and transports the goods gently and safely with the roller deck.

Low emissions and efficient operation
The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX and DIMOS transporting a ULD

The focus of development for the latest generation of the X-Way Mover is the electric drive, which will in future cover all airport applications. Whereas previous systems
were limited to outdoor use on the apron or indoor use in the logistics processing area, the X-Way Mover is not restricted to specific locations. This is thanks to the fast
charging times of lithium-ion batteries. However, the use of these lithium-ion batteries is usually only suited to multi-shift operations with longer operating hours. For shorter
operating times, high-performance lead-acid batteries are available as an alternative. The charging infrastructureand the existing drive technologies of the entire vehicle
fleet at the airport often prevents the electrification of the trucks. Therefore, the X-Way Mover is also available with a diesel drive motor fo outdoor use only or a hybrid
drive for combined indoor and outdoor use

Reduced operating costs and constant availability
The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS in use

Since a single vehicle is used in the air cargo area instead of many individual vehicles, maintenance and operating costs are reduced enormously. Efficiency increases because
there is less downtime of individual vehicles or even no downtime at all. When multiple X-Way Movers are used in parallel, device failures are no longer a problem since the
vehicle can be used universally for various work processes and therefore offers a replacement for every single ULD handling step. For vehicles with a hybrid drive, the battery is recharged during diesel operation. Even a complete replacement of the battery pack can be carried out in no time at all. Therefore, the X-Way Mover can be used 24/7.

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The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS on uneven ground

The X-Way Mover overcomes system limits, is insensitive to temperature and can be used in many ways (indoors and outdoors).

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS transporting ULDs in a hall

The X-Way Mover lowers operating costs through the use of state-of-the-art technology with low repair susceptibility. 

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS can also be easily maneuvered in the dark

The X-Way Mover offers great flexibility for all necessary work in the terminal.

Graphic of the X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS

The X-Way Mover complies with the IATA standards. 


The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS carrying out a handling process in the aviation industry

The X-Way Mover ensures that goods and ULDs are transported without suffering scratches, breakages or other damage. 

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS in use at the airport

The X-Way Mover is versatile and can be easily adapted to the conditions on site.

Technical data

Series Load capacity (t) Load handling Lifting height (mm) Chassis Tire equipment Drive Cab
2625 7 Roller conveyor up to 5000 4-wheel PU/EL Electric Transverse seat
2625 10 Roller conveyor up to 5000 4-wheel PU/EL Electric Transverse seat
2625 14 Roller conveyor up to 5000 4-wheel PU/EL Electric Transverse seat


Whitepaper: Transporting air freight at the terminal