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Limited to the best-selling variants, the MAXX multidirectional sideloader offers an economical alternative and is available in three versions: with a load capacity of 3,000 kg and a powerful 48-V drive, or with a load capacity of 4,500 kg and a 48 or 80-V drive. One highlight of the new development was the ergonomics of the driver's cab. In the spacious cab, in addition to generous legroom, the driver has outstanding all-round visibility and, thanks to the new HIT3 multifunctional display, all the important truck information such as the wheel position, speed and battery display at a glance. In addition, the mechanic damping of the drive wheels ensures that the vehicle maintains permanent contact with the floor or ground, resulting in a shock-absorbing effect.

Hubtex flta awards winner 2019

Winner of the FLTA Award and nominated for the IFOY Award


Our MAXX electric multidirectional sideloader has been awarded the FLTA Award 2019 in the category “Ergonomics” by the British Fork Lift Truck Association. In doing so, we prevailed against renowned competitors. In addition, it has also been nominated for the globally important IFOY Award and here it received the “Best in Intralogistics” certificate for 2019 during the test days.

Best visibility, large cab and compact lift mast 

These are the main arguments in favor of the multidirectional sideloader. The electric multidirectional sideloader provides an optimum view of the load from the cab thanks to the new free-view lift mast and the cab without the obstructive B column. The specially developed free-view lift mast provides optimum forward visibility. With this new design, the mast profiles are closer together, which considerably improves visibility from the cab past the mast. This offers particular advantages in terms of load pick-up, as the driver's view of the right fork has also been considerably improved in comparison with the previous design of the mast.


Frame with mechanic level compensation
Our well-known articulated frame on the electric multidirectional sideloaders

The mechanic level compensation ensures constant ground contact. There is immediate compensation for any uneven floor or ground. This protects the components and the health of the operator. Cracks in the chassis frame are excluded. At the same time, standard elastic tires are ideally suited to different floor and ground conditions.

Compact lift masts and fork carriages
Duplex mast on the HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader

Lift mast and fork carriage were specially redesigned for this series. The focus of the development was to optimize visibility of the load and the route of the truck. The result is the more compact masts and optimized fork carriages.

Panoramic transverse seating cab
The spacious cab on the HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader

The spacious cab offers the driver maximum comfort and freedom of movement. All truck information is shown clearly on the HIT color display (HUBTEX Information Terminal). The HIT is mounted on an adjustable support arm so that the operator can individually adjust the alignment. All hydraulic functions and pre-selection of the direction of travel are operated as standard via the ergonomic multi-function joystick. The height adjustable and tiltable steering column offers additional comfort to the operator.

Camera systems
Camera system on the HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader

In order to simplify the stacking process for the driver and to facilitate safety, especially when handling loads at high lift heights, cameras can be installed on the lift mast and fork carriage of our MAXX. When doing so, the customer may choose between three views.


The MAXX is already equipped with knife type forks as standard. These are characterized by their long bevel and the small transverse section at the tip of the fork. Knife type forks are used wherever it is required to pick up loads with a low entry height. Typical applications are in the timber, furniture and wood-based sheet industries, or in the aluminum trade.

Track guidance systems
HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader with guide rollers

In order to use our MAXX series of fourway sideloaders in small aisles, they can be fitted with guide rollers. For this purpose guide rails are attached to the rack system. The lift truck then enters the aisle via a hopper and can thus position itself exactly in front of the load with safety distances of 100 mm per side.

Safety equipment
The travel direction display on the HUBTEX MaxX

Optical safety devices help to prevent accidents. HUBTEX naturally has a wide range of effective safety devices at its disposal. 

The HUBTEX MaxX lifting long goods outside

Its elastic tires make the MaxX ideal for combined indoor and outdoor use.

the HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader being used to pick up long goads

The MAXX is the alternative to diesel and gas-powered multidirectional sideloaders.

Close-up view of the fork carriage on the HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader

The use of a long goods fork carriage ensures the safe handling of long loads.

HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader handling aluminum internally

Secure handling of long goods with multidirectional sideloaders

HUBTEX MaxX multidirectional sideloader handling aluminum internally

The HUBTEX multidirectional steering system allows safe maneuvering even with narrow aisles.

the HUBTEX MaxX electric multidirectional sideloader in use in the timber industry

The MaxX series of vehicles offers lift heights up to 7500 mm.

MaxX 45 multi-directional forklift with wide fork carriage

The MaxX 45 can be flexibly adapted for many uses.

MaxX 45 multi-way forklift transports pipes

The MaxX 45 is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Long, heavy and bulky loads are transported safely.

MaxX 45 multi-directional forklift unloads truck

Whether loading or unloading, a MaxX 45 is ideal for efficient material handling, especially of long and bulky loads.

Technical Data


Series Load capacity (t) Load bed width NB (mm) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Load bed opening RA (mm) Tire equipment Battery voltage Cab Data Sheet
up to 3.0 1000 / 1200 up to 7500 2330 1230 EL 48 V Q PDF
up to 4.5 1200 / 1400 up to 7500 2500 1340 EL 48 V Q PDF
up to 4.5 1200 / 1400 up to 7500 2500 1340 EL 80 V Q PDF