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Tool changers
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HUBTEX tool changers with load capacities of up to 65 tons help to reduce the changing times for pressing and stamping tools and so improve production efficiency. A HUBTEX tool changer is used in particular when changing tools with single presses which, due to their dimensions and mass, do not have a sliding tool platform. The compact chassis also allows for extremely low entry heights below the tools.

Extremely low platform heights with simultaneously high load capacities

Thanks to its innovative chassis, every HUBTEX tool changer can carry very high load capacities with very low platform heights. This is achieved by installing several rows of smaller wheels, which are individually designed and calculated depending on the additional load. 

Small dimensions maintained, load capacity increased

The tool changers from HUBTEX are characterized by their compact dimensions, as the entry situation for pressing and stamping tools or other machines is usually very confined. This is made possible by the individual frame structure of the vehicle. 

Precise docking with assistance systems

Precise docking at the center of the press is a prerequisite for fast and reliable tool changes. This avoids the need to reposition the tool on the lifting table. The exchange vehicle approaches the press with the tool platform raised. When the tool platform is lowered, the docking hook moves into the holder on the press bed. The precise positioning can be covered by a variety of assistance systems. Simple systems such as a line laser at the control station for precise positioning of the transporter in front of the press bed in combination with a lift height indicator and distance display of the tool platform are just as conceivable as a fully automated positioning system.


Changing tools
Ein Werkzeugwechsler beim Einsatz in der Automobilindustrie.

The load is picked up by a lift mast with attached tool platform. The vehicle specification will always be individually adapted to your requirements. For example, a lifting range of at least 375 mm to 900 mm with a load capacity of 50 tons can be achieved. The pushing/pulling of the pressing tools is done via two thrust rods, which are driven by a push chain system. The thrust rods can be operated individually or together. The thrust rods are adjustable in length and can be exchanged. Alternatively, the thrust can also be realized with a spindle drive. The upper side of the tool platform is equipped with six exchangeable sliding strips.

Der Werkzeugwechsler verfügt über niedrige Tischhöhen bei hohen Tragfähigkeiten.
Der Werkzeugwechsler wird mit einer Funkfernbedienung gesteuert.

A clear view of the changing process is particularly important when changing tools. For this reason, two operating concepts have become established. If the tool changer is required to make longer journeys around the factory site, it can be operated from a driver station. This usually has a high location in order to improve the overview of the changing process.  
Alternatively, the vehicle may also be operated via remote control. The advantage of this variant is that the operator can walk around the vehicle to further improve visibility. A combination of remote control and cab is of course also conceivable. 

HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler können für das Handling im Innen- und Außeneinsatz eingesetzt werden.

The chassis is based on a solid welded construction. As a rule, the drives are fitted with double tires and have a large steering angle. An oscillating drive ensures constant ground contact for all wheels. On the load side, the load wheels are configured in rows with a small wheel cross-section in order to achieve the minimum possible height of the lift table. This ensures a low entry height under the tools. The exact design depends on the requirements of the changing situation

Best advised by HUBTEX.

We know that the handling of heavy and bulky loads presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.

Das Bedienpult eines HUBTEX Werkzeugwechslers.

Über das Bedienpult lassen sich alle Funktionen des Fahrzeuges steuern.

Die Fahrzeuge haben eine Mehrwegelenkung.

HUBTEX Fahrzeuge sind mit einer Mehrwege-Lenkung ausgestattet.

Die HUBTEX Fahrzeuge sind doppelbereift.

Die Fahrzeuge verfügen über einen großen Lenkwinkel.

Die Werkzeuge sind an unterschiedliche Werkzeugabmessungen anpassbar.

Die HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler können an verschiedenste Werkzeugabmessungen angepasst werden.


HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler können mit verschiedenen Anbauten ausgestattet werden.

Die Fahrzeuge verfügen über einen Spindelantrieb oder eine Schubkette.

HUBTEX Werkezugwechsler können mit einem Spindelantrieb oder einem Schubkettensystem ausgestattet werden.

Dieser HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler ist mit Schubstangen ausgestattet.

Die Schubstangen dienen zur Lastaufnahme und Lastabnahme des Werkzeuges.

HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler können Lasten bis 65 t aufnehmen.

HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler können Lasten bis zu 65 Tonnen transportieren.

Dieser HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler verfügt über eine Fahrerstandkabine.

Die Fahrzeuge können über eine Fahrerstand-, oder eine Fahrersitzkabine sowie über eine Funkfernsteuerung bedient werden.


Type description Series Load capacity (t) Steering system Tire equipment Battery voltage (V) Load handling Operation
WWT 100 4005 up to 10 Multidirectional steering PU 80 (electric AC) Individually on request Cab/remote control/driver stand/AGV
WWT 150 4510 up to 15
WWT 200 4511 up to 20
WWT 300 4512 up to 30
WWT 400 4520 up to 40
WWT 500 4521 up to 50