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Wind and solar

In the renewable energy industries, it is necessary to repeatedly transport long, heavy and bulky goods. For example, the transport of rotor blades for wind turbines places the highest demands on a transport system. It only takes a slight touch during transport for rotor blades to be damaged and no longer usable.
A similar situation can also occur when transporting photovoltaic modules. These must be specially protected against shocks and damage during transport. HUBTEX transport vehicles are characterized by particularly safe picking up of loads and precise handling in order to be able to transport such long and fragile items safely and efficiently.

Task areas

Handling of components for wind turbines
HUBTEX platform transporter handling rotor blades
HUBTEX platform transporter handling rotor blades

The platform transporter from HUBTEX 

The construction of wind turbines always involves handling tasks in which extremely long and often heavy components must be transported internally. Here our platform transporters can offer an interesting solution. These are manufactured with length and dimensions in accordance with the customer's individual requirements. For loads more than 30 m in length, such as rotor blades, it is advisable to support them at two points. If required, two platforms can be connected wirelessly and operated from one control station or by remote control. Even heavy loads weighing more than 50 tons are no problem. 

Assembly of autoclaves for the manufacture of solar modules
GTT glass frame transporter in HUBTEX handling process

The glass frame transporter from HUBTEX

As a version for the internal transport of A and L stillages HUBTEX offers the
GTT series with a load capacity of up to 33 tons. The stillages are picked up by driving under them and lifting the platform. The advantages of this truck lie in its compact design and the resulting excellent maneuverability with the smallest turning radius. This enables the vehicle to drive the modules directly into an autoclave. 

Handling stillages containing glass or modules
The electric multidirectional sideloader handling glass stillages

The electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

Glass sheets are often stored on A or L stillages for easier transport. Due to the lateral lifting of these stillages, multidirectional sideloaders offer significant benefits as the view in the main direction of travel is not blocked.This is a real safety benefit for the user. In addition, the aisle widths can be reduced to a minimum by using multidirectional sideloaders.  


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Solar module production

The internal logistics processes in the solar industry pose special challenges for users. The heavy, large glass panes and panels can not be transported with bulky forklift trucks that have poor maneuverability due to limited visibility.