Bereifung des Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststaplers



From multi-directional forklifts to special-purpose vehicles: In the references you can find out how our vehicles are used. Pick out your industry and your desired solution. Our customers will then tell you how they benefit from our vehicles. We would also be happy to solve your handling task!

HUBTEX stacker in use at Hagebau


The hagebau central warehouse in Westerkappeln near Osnabrück depends on fast handling and customer-oriented order picking. Several HUBTEX devices are significantly involved in this: An electric two-side order picking platform of type MK runs a full eight-hour shift. In addition, these vehicles are […]

Multi-directional forklift
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Multidirectional sideloaders enable the safe and efficient handling of long and bulky goods – even in restricted spaces. Alu-Point, a company that sells and processes aluminium, non-ferrous metal and plastics, handles plates, tubes, bars and profiles at its warehouse in Harsum, Germany. By switching […]

Multi-directional forklift
Die HUBTEX Elektro-Zweiseiten-Kommissionierplattform EZK 30 mit integriertem Scherenhub

J. u. A, Frischeis GmbH


Hubtex delivers to all locations of J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH individual special solutions that are optimized for the respective logistics processes and premises. The patented HX steering plays a special role here.

Heavy duty - compact forklift
HUBTEX heavy-duty compact frontlift in use in the foundry

Georg Fischer Automotive


Georg Fischer Automotive developed together with HUBTEX a completely new type of heavy duty forklift with a telescopic arm. The starting point for this was the fact that converters in foundries mainly use classic trucks. During operation, flying sparks and splashes of molten iron affect the hard-to […]

Multi-directional forklift
HUBTEX MQ70 handling a glass stillage

Solar module production

Renewable energies

The internal logistics processes in the solar industry pose special challenges for users. The heavy, large glass panes and panels can not be transported with bulky forklift trucks that have poor maneuverability due to limited visibility.

Multi-directional forklift
HUBTEX vehicles in operation

Building materials dealer Groen & Janssen

Building materials

Long, heavy and sensitive goods place special safety requirements on careful transport logistics. In combination with limited storage space and narrow rack aisles, conventional forklift trucks quickly reach their limits. That's why, in only two years, Groen & Janssen invested in four Hubtex multi […]

Platform transporter
A HUBTEX SFB transporting in a hall

SBB Rail Technology Center Hägendorf


Punctual and reliable: The Deutsche Bahn rarely hears such praise. In contrast, the Swiss Federal Railways enjoy an excellent image, which is partly due to the careful maintenance of their infrastructure. Around 600 of the 13,000 switches in the more than 3,000 kilometers of rail network are […]

Multi-directional forklift
Electric multidirectional sideloader in use in the plastics industry

Gaugler & Lutz oHG


Effective materials handling and warehouse management is crucial to the success of a company, which is why Gaugler & Lutz oHG is banking on an intelligent storage system at its new logistics centre in Aalen-Ebnat (Nord). The leading supplier of core materials and products for lightweight […]

Drum transporter
The drum transporter has a load capacity of 12 tons.

Pipe transporter used at Brugg

Drum transport

Owing to the pipe drums having become heavier, both the old special transporters in use at Brugg Rohrsysteme (Switzerland) had reached their limit. The susceptibility to breakdowns increased, the downtimes were longer as well and the productivity was unsatisfactory. Therefore, Brugg commissioned the […]