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HUBTEX to unveil the second generation of its FluX series

360° steering on three wheels

HUBTEX has given its FluX electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck an update. The latest generation for load capacities of up to 3 tonnes is making its debut at LogiMAT 2023. Visitors to Stand 10B20 in Hall 10 at the LogiMAT trade fair will be able to see the new central drivers’ position, which provides a higher-up all-round visibility compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the patented 360° HX steering has been added to the compact three-wheel running gear for the first time, ensuring smooth changes in direction from longitudinal to transverse travel.

The new generation of HUBTEX’s FluX handles both pallet and long-load transport in a single vehicle. This hybrid used as a front and sideloader makes the new 3T FluX 30, suitable for a wide range of sectors, from the timber and metalworking industries, through to the building materials trade. HUBTEX has moved the driver’s cab to the middle of the vehicle giving the operator a better all-round view, including towards the load being carried. This improved visibility is enhanced by the vehicle’s new, more compact dimensions which include a new mast tilt feature. Being up to 20% smaller, the FluX is more manoeuvrable and agile too. The innovative design has made access to individual components, making them easier to access for servicing and programmed maintenance.


Powerful and manoeuvrable – for both indoor and outdoor use

The switch from a four to a three-wheel running system has done nothing to impair the features that people have come to expect from HUBTEX in terms of ergonomics and freedom of movement. For instance, the new FluX has retained the spoked steering wheel and joystick for user-friendly operation as well as the spacious driver’s cab, providing the operator with greater comfort, for those jobs that can end up taking a little longer. In addition, the patented HX steering has been developed further to enable it to be fitted to all HUBTEX electric vehicles with a three-wheel running system. The HX steering mechanism permits smooth transitions between steering modes, thus reducing tyre wear. Operators can also wave goodbye to time-consuming and fiddly manoeuvring, resulting in fast throughput times. Furthermore, the compact multidirectional truck is ideal for combined indoor and outdoor use in the warehouse thanks to its soft elastic tyres and a maximum speed of 12 km/h, while its large battery (48 V, 930 Ah) means it can go on for more than a whole shift. An optional lithium-ion battery provides very quick charging supporting its use in a multi-shift operation.


In 5 steps you can find out whether the FLUX is right for you

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Mehrwege Gegengewichtsstapler transportiert lange Aluminiumprofile
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Multidirectional counterbalance forklift Flux_Best visibility due to central seat in cabin

The central seat in the cab gives the driver an excellent view of everything.

Multidirectional counterbalance forklift Flux_best panoramic view

The new compact design of the mast and the central driver's seat give the driver a previously unattainable radius of vision in the FluX.

Multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck Flux_HIT (Hubtex Information Terminal) with joystick

All vehicle information is clearly displayed on the color display of the latest generation HIT MINI (HUBTEX information terminal).