Long goods in
narrow aisles

Perfect for HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts

Hubtex Maxx transportiert langes Holz

HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts transport long goods in the narrow aisles at Douglas Hout

Douglas Hout, a company based in Ede, the Netherlands, specializes in the import and trade of Douglas fir wood. The company offers both standard dimensions of 2-6 meters and custom dimensions. The warehouse mainly features narrow aisles and high shelves. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has earned an excellent reputation among customers. The high quality of the wood and exceptional customer service are the reasons why customers like to buy from Douglas Hout.

Why are the HUBTEX solutions needed?

The HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts are necessary to make the best use of the storage space. Especially in the timber trade, the loads that have to be transported are very long. For this reason, special solutions, such as multi-directional forklifts, must be used in intralogistics. This allows the load to be picked up and moved longitudinally to the direction of travel. Multi-directional forklifts can also maneuver in tight spaces and narrow aisles without any problems. Their maneuverability and flexibility make them indispensable for making efficient use of space in Douglas Hout's warehouse and meeting requirements.

Which HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts are in use?

Douglas Hout successfully relies on HUBTEX and uses five multi-directional forklifts in different versions. Particularly noteworthy are the four MAXX multi-directional forklifts with a load capacity of 4.5 tons. With a lifting height of up to 7.5 meters, even heavy loads can be lifted effortlessly. The built-in ultrasonic sensor ensures that aisles in warehouses are safely detected and no collisions occur.
HUBTEX's multi-directional forklifts are an indispensable component for successful warehousing at Douglas Hout. Not only do they enable the storage and retrieval of long timber packages in the rack systems, but they can also be used safely for block storage. In addition, they contribute to the efficient loading and unloading of trucks at Douglas Hout.

Which multidirectional forklift is the right one for your requirements?

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What does Douglas Hout think about the collaboration with HUBTEX?

Douglas Hout appreciates HUBTEX's long-standing relationship and good service. The high-quality equipment is specifically designed to meet the company's needs and enables efficient and safe warehousing. Thanks to the cooperation with HUBTEX, Douglas Hout has been able to optimize its warehousing processes and respond more flexibly to the needs of the market.

We have a good partner in HUBTEX. This already starts with the high-quality product. But what makes the cooperation so good is our long cooperation and that they always talk to us about our goals and propose the best solution for them. 

Rogier Lanting, CEO Douglas Hout

Multi-directional forklift in use at Douglas Hout

MaxX Mehrwegestapler in der Holzindustrie
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel
MaxX Mehrwegestapler im Holzhandel