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The field of application of the electric towing tractor with goose-neck is primarily the automotive industry and its suppliers. The HUBTEX electric towing tractor with hydraulic goose-neck is equipped with a driver's seat and suitable for handling cargo trailers when coils need to be transported frequently, quickly and reliably. Furthermore, the fast and reliable transport of heavy, compact machine parts is part of the tasks of our electric towing tractor. HUBTEX designs the right vehicle for every application and every customer requirement.

Heavy-duty transport in the automotive industry by means of roll trailers

Heavy goods such as coils, sheet metal blanks and tools can be transported by the electric tow tractor from HUBTEX. The trailer system consists of a tractor unit and a heavy-duty trailer. The precise design of the tractor and trailer can be adapted to suit the individual handling task of the customer. 
The trailers only have rear wheels, which is why they are picked up by the tractor with the hydraulic gooseneck and can thus be maneuvered within the factory to the desired position. Users have the advantage that they only need one tractor vehicle. The loads to be moved can be distributed decentrally on various trailers and then transported individually to their respective destinations. The use of the HUBTEX electric towing tractor with hydraulic gooseneck can thus be a favorable alternative to internal heavy-duty transporters.


The HUBTEX electric hoist head with hydraulic gooseneck is designed to transport heavy goods such as coils and blanks on a trailer easily, quickly and safely. Thanks to the gooseneck, it is easy to pick up the trailers. If the load is connected to our electric towing head, transport tasks from 32 to 50 tonnes can be handled.


HUBTEX electric towing tractor with gooseneck.

Operation via a driver's cab is available for our electric towing tractor with gooseneck. Thanks to the hydraulic steering system, it is easy to master complex driving directions, and the generously proportioned transverse seating cab and ergonomically arranged controls make working comfortable.


The vehicle is based on a three-point chassis which, due to its small turning radius, can even be maneuvered through complex bottlenecks without any problems. 
The option of two different tire variants (PU / EL) means that our electric towing tractors can be used in combined indoor and outdoor applications as well as on industrial floors, depending on the load.


The name speaks for itself here. Due to its design feature, the hydraulic gooseneck can achieve a variable lift height of up to 500 mm. This makes the automatic coupling process for cargo trailers even simpler. If the load is connected to our electric towing tractor via the gooseneck, transport tasks from 32 to 50 tons can be handled.

Your challenge. Our solution.

We know that the handling of heavy loads presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.

The vehicles have a maintenance-free AC drive motor.

The electric towing tractor vehicles can transport loads of up to 50 tons both indoors and outdoors.

The electric towing tractor with hydraulic gooseneck from HUBTEX during the transport of goods

Due to its design feature, the hydraulic swan neck can achieve a variable lift height of up to 500 mm.

Technical data

Series Load capacity (t) Load handling Lifting height (mm) Chassis Tire equipment Drive Cab
4820 up to 32 goose-neck up to 500 3-wheel PU/EL Electric


4830 up to 50