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Compact, powerful, maneuverable: The NexX multidirectional reach truck from HUBTEX transports heavy loads without taking up too much space. The multidirectional steering makes the truck extremely agile. Even transporting long loads crosswise is no problem for this reach truck. Ideal for use in narrow aisles.


The shortened and compact design of the NexX enables it to be used in mixed warehouses with narrow aisles. Where there is no longer enough space for conventional forklifts and other industrial trucks, our NexX multidirectional reach truck is the perfect alternative. Whether you need to transport pallets or long goods, the NexX is suitable for a wide range of requirements. The HX steering also allows transverse travel. And the reach mast truck can even transport long goods of up to 8 meters in tight spaces. Last but not least, with a lift height of up to 9,000 mm, the truck can also be used for order picking in high rack positions.


The 360° HX steering ensures a minimal turning radius and the fastest possible change of direction. As a result, the NexX is known for its extremely efficient and safe handling. Thanks to the HX steering, the operator can effortlessly drive lengthways, crossways and in circles, switching direction smoothly whilst in motion. This makes the truck ideal for use in a warehouse with particularly narrow aisles. The steering and the traction drive of the three-wheel chassis with PU tires are 100% electric and therefore operate without hydraulics. This fully electric steering system significantly reduces energy consumption. In fact, we are the world's first and only manufacturer to use this steering system on its 3-wheel vehicles.


NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler

The open transverse-seating cab boasts an ergonomic seating position and unrestricted legroom. The sprung, multi-adjustable comfort seat ensures fatigue-free, quiet working, while protecting the driver's health at the same time. The cab offers optimal visibility when driving forwards and backwards. So there is need to be straining to see thanks to the driver's seat, which is arranged transversely to the direction of travel. Our perfectly designed, comfortable driver's cab offers excellent all-round visibility. A non-slip floor covering and the overhead guard also enhance the safety of the operator.

Lift mast
Hubmast des NexX Mehrwegestaplers

Our stable and strong lift masts produced in-house impress with internal, protected hydraulics and high residual capacity. The hydraulic mast tilt allows a tilt range of +5° to -1°. While, our triplex mast with full free lift covers a lift height of up to 9,000 mm. For the safe and efficient handling of loads, HUBTEX manufactures various lift mast models and fork carriages in line with customer specifications. Optional attachments such as telescopic forks and side shifters are also available. These are produced to customers' specifications. A camera mounted on the fork carrier aids the operator when lifting to great heights. The lift mast functions are operated using a (multifunction) joystick.

Operating concept
Bedienelemente des NexX Schubmaststaplers

Our NexX reach truck is designed to be comfortable and failure-free. The clearly arranged controls and the uncluttered display make it easier to navigate and work without interruptions. This significantly reduces the training time for new drivers. The truck is sensitively and intuitively controlled via the joystick, resulting in superior performance in everyday intralogistics.

Energy supply
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The NexX is available with different energy packages. The power can either be supplied by lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. Depending on the field of application, the NexX is equipped with the right energy concept for the customer. A full consultation is part of the service.

For multi-shift operations, we recommend using a lithium-ion battery:

  • 48 V – 520 Ah
  • Charger and other accessories included
  • Charging time of between 1 and 1.5 hours

On the other hand, a lead-acid battery is the best option for applications with low operating hours.

  • 48 V – 620 Ah
  • Charger and other accessories included
  • Charging time of approx. 8 hours
Bereifung des Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststaplers

The chassis of the NexX consists of a high-performance three-phase motor mounted on the driver's side. There are two braked and steered double steering rollers on the load side. This system ensures maximum directional stability and less material wear.

The three axles are steered electrically.

Two types of tires are available for the NexX. The polyurethane (PU) variant is suitable for indoor use and performs superbly on industrial floors. The polyurethane soft (PU SOFT) variant, on the other hand, is intended for combined indoor and outdoor use and also moves safely on uneven floors and asphalt.  

Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststapler fährt quer im Gang

We have equipped the NexX with a high-performance electric motor that takes the multidirectional reach truck to a speed of up to 13 km/h. This makes it significantly faster compared to multidirectional sideloaders.

In order to travel safely in the warehouse at this speed, hydraulically braked load wheels are essential. They guarantee directional stability when braking and accelerating.

Optional additional equipment
Lastmomentüberwachung im HIT Bedienungsterminal

We also offer additional equipment and solutions to satisfy specific requirements. These options can improve safety for more extreme applications, improve comfort or enable new applications and possible uses.

  • Load moment monitoring
  • Safety lights
  • Fork/mast tilt indicator
  • Weighing system
  • Lift height preselection
  • Mast transition and mast reach damping

We have the best solution.

We understand that the handling of heavy loads in the tightest of spaces presents operators with particular challenges. Make a no-obligation appointment with our specialists to determine the best possible solution for your application.


NexX 30

Load capacity of 3 t

Lift height up to 9,000 mm

Fork length of 1150 mm

Front part dimension of 1442 mm

Frame width
load-side 1770 mm
drive-side 1270 mm

PU/PU Soft tires

Electric drive

Transverse seat

The reach truck for narrow aisles: the benefits at a glance

The compact and powerful NexX multidirectional reach truck is used when the dimensions of a classic forklift truck are too large or the warehouse can no longer be improved with the previous reach truck.

Bereifung des Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststaplers

The NexX multidirectional reach truck changes direction smoothly thanks to the unique 3-wheel HX steering.

The different tire systems also increase the versatility of the truck: PU tires are suitable for indoor use on industrial floors. While PU-SOFT tires enable combined indoor and outdoor use, even on uneven floors and asphalt.

With steering that is completely powered by electricity, the energy consumption is very low.  

Operating comfort
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler

The multifunction display and the intuitive joystick enable easy operation of the truck.

While the open transverse-seating cab gives the driver the best all-round view.

The ergonomic cab design improves the well-being of the driver, achieves the highest safety standards and thus helps the driver to complete all daily logistics operations.

Multidirectional reach truck NexX from Hubtex

The NexX multidirectional reach truck is available in load capacity classes up to 3000 kg. We manufacture all of our high-power lift masts in-house.

Depending on how the industrial truck is used, the power is supplied by lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries.

The NexX is equipped with braked load wheels for maximum directional stability.

Thanks to the high-performance drive motor, the NexX can reach a speed of up to 13 km/h.

NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Mehrwege Schubmaststapler
NexX Multidirectional Reach Truck